Ganglion ai??i?? Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies for Ganglion

Ganglion is a sac that contains jelly like thick fluid. It is formed from the tissue that lines the joints or tendons of wrist, hands or legs. They are generally painless. The size of ganglion varies. In some cases, they even cause pain and pose discomfort to the affected person. It is believed that they are formed as a result of overuse of joints, leading to degeneration of tissues and cyst formation. The treatment, prevention and natural remedies are discussed below.

Ganglion Treatment

Ganglion cysts generally do not require any treatment as they are painless and harmless. In most of the cases, doctors observe the condition for a period of time and then give the required treatment. The doctor may recommend one of the following treatment techniques if the cysts are too painful and interfere with the joint motion.


A local anesthetic is applied to the area above the cyst. The cyst is then punctured using a needle. The fluid is then removed with a syringe from the base of the cyst. In this way, the entire fluid is drained out from the cyst in aspiration.

Sometimes the cysts reappear after aspiration. In this case, aspirations are done repeatedly till the cysts stop recurring.


Doctor may recommend a wrist brace or splint that is wore around the cyst area. This makes the area immobilize and thus cyst do not develop further. The size of the cyst decreases and releases pressure on the nerves, thus reducing pain.


Doctor may recommend surgery only when other two treatments are not working. In this technique, anesthetic is applied to the affected area. The area becomes numb and an incision is made in the skin. Then the ganglion cyst is removed along with its stalk attached to its tendon or joint. In this way a small surrounding tissue is also removed. The area is stitched and bandage is tied to cure the incision.

After surgery, the area swells and becomes tender posing discomfort. To reduce swelling, keep the area elevated for up to 2 days. Physical therapy is recommended to rehabilitate the surgical area i.e foot, wrist or hand. There are risks lying behind surgery. The ganglion cyst may recur in most of the cases.

Prevention of Ganglion

The following steps help to prevent the ganglion cysts formation to some extent. As the exact cause is not known, it is impossible to prevent then totally.

  • Maintain a good health, through exercise, proper rest and walking. This strengthens the body and resolves the problem.
  • Avoid constipation or else the cysts will not shrink.
  • A healthy nutritious diet containing nuts, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, mineral and vitamin supplements has to be taken.

Natural Remedies for Ganglion

Here are some herbs mentioned that provide remedy for ganglion cysts.

  • Licorice is useful in removing fluid from the cyst and prevents recurrence. It has both antiviral and bactericidal properties.
  • Echinacea strengthens the immune system and helps in quick disappearance of the cyst.
  • Astringent saturated with white oak bark tea, helps in cyst shrinkage. Ganglions are easier to eliminate when they are small.

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