Age-related Macular degeneration – Treatment and prevention of Age-related Macular degeneration

Age related Macular degeneration is a chronic disease which is characterized by the degeneration of the macula, which is situated in the center of the retina. Macular degeneration does not cause total blindness but it worsens by blurring your vision or causes a blind spot in your central vision. This disorder tends to affect adults age 50 and older. The treatment given is to stop further progression of the disease.


The treatments for Macular degeneration include:

Laser therapy

  • In this type of laser treatment, a doctor uses a high beam laser to destroy abnormal and leaky blood vessels.
  • This method is used to prevent further damage to the macula and to halt continued vision loss as long as possible.
  • Laser treatment does not replace any dark spots that are already formed.

Photo-dynamic therapy (PDT)

  • In this the treatment given is directly under the fovea and this fovea lies at the center of your macula.
  • PDT increases the chances of preserving the central vision.
  • It halts the loss of your vision or slow the rate of vision loss.

Macular trans-location surgery

  • The procedure is done by detaching the retina and shifting the fovea and replacing it near a healthy tissue.
  • This surgery is improves vision in some cases and can be successful in preserving vision.

Implantable optical device

  • Miniature telescopic device is implanted into the eye and this improves the visual acuity.
  • This device enlarges the objects in the central part of your visual field.

How can we prevent Macular degeneration?

The following measures help you avoid macular degeneration. They include:

  • Eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.
  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables as this lowers the risk of macular degeneration.
  • Consult your doctor and take zinc supplements and antioxidants.
  • Eat diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is found in fish.
  • Stop smoking because smokers can develop macular degeneration.
  • Treat other diseases you suffer from like cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.
  • Go for regular eye examinations as this will reduce the chances of preventing serious vision loss.
  • Take fresh carrots and tomatoes which has carotene in it, as this improves the vision.

Home care of people with macular degeneration

There are ways to cope with impaired vision. They include:

  • Be cautious while driving but don’t drive at night, in heavy traffic or when there is a bad weather.
  • When traveling during the nights, use public transportation.
  • Always get good glasses and keep another pair in your car.
  • Magnifiers can be used to read large-print books and magazines.
  • Have proper light in your home.
  • Remove all the types of home hazards like rugs and things that cause you to trip and fall.
  • Never try to isolate yourself socially.
  • Internet is a good source for support groups and resources for people with macular degeneration.


Research is going on to find new treatments for macular degeneration and so, its good to visit your doctor periodically to find the new treatments available.

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