What is Dyspareunia?

Do you feel hurt when you make love? Please be careful if you do, probably you have dypareunia. Pain during sexual intercourse is not a normal condition. Therefore, you better have sufficient knowledge about dyspareunia so that you would be able to cope in a better way.

Inside this article, we provide you with general information about dyspareunia which might help you to have a better understanding about dyspareunia.

Dyspareunia (dis-pa-roon-ia) is a medical term for pain during sexual intercourse. Most of dyspareunia sufferers are women and happens only in small number of men.

Unluckily, embarrassment and fear makes many women avoiding themself looking professional help for dyspareunia. There are several reasons which cause those feeling. Abnormal feeling and loss of hope would be two of the causes.

Facts about Dyspareunia

  • Several studies reveal that approximately 10 percent of women experience dyspareunia
  • Dyspareunia sufferer may feel the pain during penetration (opening of the vagina) and/or during deep thrusting (in the vulva)
  • A gentle touch around genital area may cause pain
  • Dyspareunia symptoms reported almost exclusively by women
  • Dyspareunia affects the sufferers regardless of age, race, or marital status
  • Many effective treatments for dyspareunia are available

Symptoms of Dyspareunia in Women
Dypareunia distracts women from excitement and pleasure feeling. Sometimes in certain cases, after the original source of pain disappeared, dyspareunia sufferer might feel pain because she expects pain.

Dyspareunia can be classified from the moment elapsed once the sufferer first felt the pain.

  • Dyspareunia which happens in the first two weeks. Movement of the phallus inside the vagina, phallus insertion, or deep penetration may cause dyspareunia due to injury or disease within the pelvis.
  • Dyspareunia which happens after the first two weeks. The sufferer may still experiences resultant pain due to the existing of the original cause of dyspareunia. In a separate action, the original cause may has disappeared, but the sufferer creates anticipatory pain associated with a dry and tight vagina.

Causes of Dyspareunia
There are a lot of possible causes of pain during sexual intercourse. The cause of the pain are as follows:

  • Infection (bacterial of yeast infection)
  • Irritation (from soaps, spermicides, or other chemicals)
  • Vulvar dystrophy (a change in the skin of the vulva)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lack of estrogen
  • Vulvodynia (the vulva becomes hypersensitive and excessively tender on touch)

Additional Causes of Dyspareunia

  • Pelvic floor muscle spasms
  • Drug side effects
  • Endometriosis (the tissue lining the uterus. When it grows outside the uterus, deep pain may happens during sexual intercourse)
  • Tipped uterus (If the uterus tipped backwards, the penis may hit the uterus of cervix and cause severe pain. In medical term, this kind of pain named as collision dyspareunia)
  • Other physical problems
  • Psychological and emotional factors, i.e., unpleasant sexual experiences in the past

Apart from the above causes, dyspareunia could still happen by other factors. Therefore, it would be better for you to consult with your doctor or health professionals in order to get the best solution.

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  1. CJ said on March 23, 2012

    Is this contagious???

  2. There’s a new treatment for dyspareunia to cause stem cells to generate new healthy tissue. The procedure is called o-shot which has been very effective with my patients.
    More can be seen at OShot.info and http://yourfemalebody.com/dyspareunia
    Hope this helps.
    Charles Runels, MD

  3. There’s a new treatment for dyspareunia to cause stem cells to generate new healthy tissue. The procedure is called o-shot which has been very effective with my patient.
    More can be seen at Oshot.info
    Hope this helps.
    Charles Runels, MD

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