Simple and Effective Tips to Control Your Anger

There must have been a zillion times when you found yourself on the verge of blowing up due to anger. If you cannot control your anger, it can cause some serious damage. Broken relationships, isolation, frustration, increase in the blood pressure, increased heart beat etc are a few examples of what anger can do to you. The intensity or degree of anger felt by people might differ but the effect that it has on your body, on the people around you and in spreading negative energy is alarming.

Do you find yourself yelling frequently at work or at home? Do you have sudden bouts of anger and don’t know what to do about it? Have you reacted to a situation in a way that you have regretted later? Everyone gets angry and there might be different reasons for it. Well, anger is a good form of letting out your frustration and emotions but at what cost? At times, it just takes some simple steps to control your anger and prevent further damage.

We present to you simple and effective tips to control your anger.

Take a deep breath ai??i?? You must have heard and read about this technique a lot of times. Having doubts whether doing so really helps? Well, taking a deep breath helps you control your breathing, lowers your blood pressure and calms you down. Next time you find yourself getting angry, just take a deep breath and try not to think of the upsetting situation.

Take a time out ai??i?? Most times you can avoid confrontation and uncanny situations by just taking a time out. Step away from the situation and relax for a while. A change of environment will make you feel better and you can look at ways to solve the problem from a completely different perspective without getting angry again.

Control Your AngerAvoid shouting or swearing ai??i?? Sometimes when you are angry, all you have to do is shout or let out a few expletives. You might have done it a few times and it might have made you feel good for that particular moment. But you also need to realize that words once spoken are very hard to take back. You also risk losing a loved one, friend or colleague due to the harsh words spoken when angry. It is better to have self-control and avoid shouting or swearing to vent your anger.

Listen to music ai??i?? Whenever you feel angry, try and listen to any kind of music that you prefer. Listening to soft and soothing music would definitely help you relax and calm down. However, any kind of music that you prefer can work wonders in diverting your mind and making you feel better.

Use humor ai??i?? Humor can be used as a good tool to lighten up an otherwise serious situation. Think of something funny or something that would make you laugh. You would be surprised to find that anger instantly disappears with a smile. But beware, only people with a spontaneous sense of humor can effectively tone down an angry situation or argument. Otherwise, the whole idea may backfire and worsen the situation.

The next time you find yourself getting angry, just remember these simple tips and pick one or more which you think would be apt for the situation.

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