More on Dyspareunia Treatment

What would you do as a self treatment if you have dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)? One thing for sure, we believe you will do smart things, such as consult with your doctor or other health professionals.

Person who has dyspareunia is not an abnormal. As a matter of fact, dyspareunia is quite common. Several studies reveal that approximately 10 percent of women experience pain during sexual intercourse. It means, if you experience dyspareunia, you are not alone. Most importantly, dyspareunia can be treated.

In our previous articles, we have written about dyspareunia in general. Now, we write further about dyspareunia treatment, especially self treatments for dyspareunia at home.

Self Treatment of Dypareunia at Home
Here are some advices which might help you to do a self treatment at home:

  • Apply a water based vaginal lubricant/gels to your outer sexual organs before you have sex. This would include the vulva and labia mayora.
  • If you want to apply gels inside your vagina, they might be helpful to reduce your pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Avoid the use of soaps, spermicides, or other chemicals which could irritate your genital area.
  • Communicate with your sex partner could be helpful to increase your readiness for sexual intercourse.
  • Sex toys (dildos, vibrators, etc.) might be useful for you. Nevertheless, you had better consult with your doctor before you use them for the sake of your health.
  • Consult with your doctor if you feel burning, pain, itching and other signs of infection and irritation inside and outside your genital area. Follow your doctorai??i??s advice and recommendation as well as the treatment prescribed.
  • Consult with a psychiatrist, marriage counselor, or therapist if you have emotional and psychological problems which contribute to your dyspareunia.

Kindly remember; please consult with your doctor and other health professionals for better information.

This article was made to help its reader about information related to dyspareunia. This article does not dictate special treatments, ways, or procedures to be followed. You should consider about other advices and methods of treatments which are acceptable.

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