Erythema Infectiosum ai??i?? Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Erythema Infectiosum

Erythema infectiosum is also called as ‘fifth disease’ or ‘slapped cheek disease’. The condition is named so because of the rash that appears on the face. It is an infectious disease caused by a virus – parvovirus B19. The condition generally affects children of ages 5 ai??i?? 15. The conditions are mild but severe complications may arise in people who are immunocompetent, severe complications may arise. The treatment and remedies for erythema infectiosum are discussed below.

Erythema Infectiosum Treatment
The effects of erythema infectiosum generally remain for a shorter period. So, self care treatment at home is sufficient. The confirmation of this infection is important mainly in case of pregnant women so that they do not develop complications. Some of the clinical tests may be recommended by the medical professional to confirm the disease. They are:

  • Examination of the rash
  • Blood test to identify antibodies to parvovirus
  • Loop-mediated isothermal amplification
  • Polymerase chain reaction
  • Dot blot hybridization

Erythema infectiosum has no specific treatment. Medications may be prescribed by the doctor to reduce the fever and discomfort. People with weakened immune system are given antibodies through immune globulin injections to treat the infection.

Prevention of Erythema Infectiosum
There is no vaccine to prevent parvovirus B19 infection in erythema infectiosum. As the symptoms appear before the illness stops, the infection cannot be recognised. But one can acquire life-long immunity if once infected with the condition. The only ways to reduce the chances of getting the infection are:

  • Practice good hygiene, especially frequent hand washing
  • Do not be in contact with person infected with parvovirus B19

Home Remedies for Erythema Infectiosum
Here are some of the general steps to be taken care of at home:

  • Give your child lots of water and energy drinks
  • Have a good rest
  • To relieve high temperatures and aches, take the prescribed medications regularly

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