Dyspareunia Treatment

Have you known that there are many effective treatments for dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)? Therefore, dyspareunia sufferers should not be embarassed of afraid or even feel as an abnormal. A large number of people, especially women experience dyspareunia in their lives.

In our previous article about dyspareunia, we have written about definition, symptoms and causes. Continuing the information about dyspareunia, we would like to provide you with added information on how dyspareunia is diagnosed and dyspareunia treatments.

How Dyspareunia is Diagnosed
If you have dyspareunia, you better consult with your doctor or heath professionals. They will ask you questions about the pain. You might have a pelvic exam to search for possibility of infection or other problems.

You had better discuss with your doctor about the following questions in order to get a better diagnosis:

  • Location of dyspareunia
  • Characteristics of dyspareunia
  • When dyspareunia happens
  • Methods used to deal with dyspareunia
  • Psychological or emotional reasons regarding dyspareunia

Apart from the pelvic exam, there are several diagnostic tools to look for infection. The diagnostic tools are as follows:

  • Lab tests (to check for infections)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and CAT Scan (CT) (to check for physical problems)
  • Ultrasound (to check the uterus and the ovaries)
  • aparoscopy (to check physical problems)

Dyspareunia Treatments
After the exam is done and the result comes out, your doctor will create a suitable treatment plan which might include the several options. The options are as follows:

  • Medications (Treatment with medication usually solves the problem due to infection)
  • Lubrication (To make sexual intercourse more pleasant and comfortable, jelly or a cream is used when there is not enough natural lubrication (vaginal dryness))
  • Relaxation exercises (Relaxation exercises useful to reduce the pain, make sexual intercourse more comfortable and help to regain control on vaginal muscles)
  • Surgery (Surgery will be recommended only when the sufferer has a physical problems, such as endometriosis or a tipped uterus)

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  1. There’s a new treatment for dyspareunia to cause stem cells to generate new healthy tissue. The procedure is called o-shot which has been very effective with my patients.
    More can be seen at OShot.info and http://yourfemalebody.com/dyspareunia
    Hope this helps.
    Charles Runels, MD

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