Sex-Related Headaches

Do you know what coital cephalgia is? If you get a headache during sexual activity, it means you suffer from coital cephalgia (sex-related headache or sexual headaches).

Coital cephalgia occurs at the base of the skull before orgasm during your sexual activity. Sexual activity here includes masturbation. Coital cephalgia is an unusual form of severe headache and both men and women may suffer from this kind of headache.

A survey conducted by the National Headache Foundation on 170 patients shows that 46 percent of patients have a headache during their sexual activity. Most of the survey´s respondents were women aged more than 21 years.

Even though most respondents of the survey were women, coital cephalgia is more common in men. Men experience sexual-related headache for the first time in their early 20s, or between 35 to 44 years of age for an unclear reason.

Signs of Coital Cephalgia
Sex-related headaches usually starts from the base of the sufferer’s skull and goes through the head to the frontal lobes. According to the process, these are several signs of sexual headaches:

  • Immediate onset
  • Steadily worsens during sexual and similar activities
  • Occurs almost instantaneously at the moment of orgasm
  • Lasts for a few minutes or a few hours or even a few days

Symptoms of Coital Cephalgia
The symptoms of coital cephalgia are as follows:

  • Extremely severe pain behind the eyes
  • In most cases, the headaches are benign
  • Stiff neck
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness


  • Avoid sexual activity (including masturbation) for a few days to a few weeks
  • Take medications before sexual activity to prevent sexual headaches
  • Increase exercise
  • Reduce weight to the ideal level

Added information
Sex-related headaches appear in one percent of the population, even if the reality may be higher. The feeling of embarrassment may become one of the reasons why the number can be higher.

Up to 10 percent of patients who take treatment for erectile dysfunction may experience sex-related headaches too.

Therefore, it is compulsory for your health to report to your doctor if you have sexual headache signs and symptoms to prevent potential tumors or brain aneurysm.

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