What is Acute Pain?

Do you know what acute pain is? Kindly bear in mind, having knowledge about the category of pain when you have one would make you easier to deal with it.

Inside the article, we would like to give you brief explanation about acute pain, starting from the definition to causes, symptoms and finally the treatments.

Acute pain is a signal from your body that there is something wrong inside. The signal of acute pain is a personal reaction or response which is involved both emotional and physical. Acute pain usually happens in less than one month.

Since the response about acute pain is very personal, the result may different from one to another. It ranges from mild to severe according to the physical and emotional endurance of a person. Therefore, if you have an acute pain, you are the one who knows best to judge your own pain.


Acute pain may follow after someone has a trauma, surgery, physical accident, diseases, or other conditions.

  • Acute pain after trauma
    A trauma may cause someone has an acute pain. It happens because a trauma increases the stress hormones which may lead into depression and physical pain.
  • Acute pain after surgery
    When a person follow a surgery, acute pain usually occurs in the first day or two after surgery and is often hard to relieve, even with the help of medicines.
  • Acute pain in other conditions
    Physical accidents, diseases, or other conditions might lead into acute pain. However, you could lessen your acute pain. A careful treatment will allow you to do your activities easier and recover your physical strength faster.

How to Prevent
There are several ways to prevent your acute pain. The ways are as follows (please consult with your doctor in order to have a better explanation):

  • Breathing exercises
  • Imagery
  • Proper exercises
  • Drugs

For the first three ways, they are useful to strengthen your sensitivity levels so that when you get a pain, you would be able to reduce the negative effect.

On the other hand, drugs are given by your doctor or nurse before you have a surgery, test, or sport activity to help you cope with all the possible pain.

How if you already have an acute pain? Usually your doctor will ask you several questions to have a deeper understanding about your pain. To make them make a better analysis, tell them where do you feel the pain and describe about your feeling toward the pain as well, such as burning, pressure, numb, cramping, sharp, etc.

Based on the gathered facts, your doctor would give you proper treatments, such as analgesics (medications which ease or stop pain) and other relevant drugs.

Your doctor might suggest you alternative treatments too, such as:

  • Massage
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation
  • Imagery
  • Music therapy
  • Distraction therapy
  • Heat or cold at the pain location

In the end, kindly remember to consult with your doctor and/or medical experts in a bid to have a better understanding about acute pain.

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