Pain of a Broken Heart

What kind of pain do you feel when you get a broken heart? If you never experience it before, maybe you can take a look from your friendsai??i?? experience. You may see what happen with them when they have a broken heart. They might feel hurt inside their chest, get a headaches, and other physical pain.

Definitely, the pain of a broken heart may become unbearable if you do not know how to handle with it. In the medical world, they used to call the pain which is caused by a broken heart as broken heart syndrome.

When someone has a broken heart, he/she feels that his world shatters, along with the hopes and dreams. A person who feels a broken heart might become confuse and not knowing what to do.

The question now is, why does a broken heart hurt so badly? As a matter of fact, there is a relation between social pain and physical pain. Someone who suffers a broken heart would increase his/her stress hormones.

The stress hormones will flood his/her bloodstream and enter the heart. Since these stress hormones are some kind of toxic, they can cause shock, a sudden sore and then lead to physical pain.

The sensitivity levels of a person take a key role regarding to the ability of dealing with a heart break syndrome. The bigger the ability to cope with the social pain, the lesser the negative result. For this reason, each person may feel different result.

In relation with the physical pain caused by heart break syndrome, the types are as follows:

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Joint aches
  • Muscle aches

These types of physical pain may become chronic. Once somebody has chronic physical pain, it could lead to depression.

Furthermore, if you feel these physical pains, you might experience inability to sleep, uncontrolled crying as well as loss of appetite.

These pains which are started by the increasing of stress hormones would make your heart encounter these problems:

  • Stop working normally
  • More susceptible to diseases

As added information, having a broken heart can cause your healthy heart to stop working normally. This happens due to the emotional stress which is caused by things like love rejection, separation, and other similar cases.

In the U.S., women are the majority ( >90%) of patients who are affected by the broken heart syndrome. The good news is, all the negative effects of heartbreak can be resolved immediately with quick and timely treatment.

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