Alcohol Addiction – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can be defined as a compulsive urge for an intoxicating liquid extracted from fermented fruit or grain. These liquids include wine, beer and other hard liquors. Alcoholism is present when a person craves and cannot limit the intake of alcohol. Most of the people enter treatment in a reluctant way as they don’t realize that they have a problem. If you are worried or concerned about a close friend or any member of your family, take advise from a professional about how to approach the person who is suffering from alcohol addiction.

Treatment for Alcohol addiction

Many treatments are available to help people with alcohol problems. Depending upon the individual condition and the extent of addiction, the interventions involve an outpatient program, counseling or an inpatient stay. They can include:

Detoxification and withdrawal

  • The treatment for alcoholics may begin with detoxification, which takes four to seven days.
  • To avoid withdrawal symptoms like confusion, shaking or hallucination sedatives may be prescribed by the doctor.
  • Detoxification is usually done in a hospital.

Learning skills and establishing a treatment plan

  • This includes the involvement of alcohol-abuse specialists.
  • Certain goals are set, counseling, behavior modification techniques and follow up care at a hospital or inpatient treatment


  • Counseling the individuals and group to support recovery from the psychological aspects.
  • Family therapy can be of great help in the process of recovery.

Oral Medications

  • Alcohol sensitizing drug may help you to prevent drinking.
  • There are drugs that help you combat alcohol cravings and the doctor may put you on these drugs.

Continue support

  • Support groups and aftercare programs help you from alcohol abuse to stop drinking.
  • Alcohol Anonymous is a group that supports and attends the medical and psychological needs of the patient.

Alternative Therapy

There are a number of alternative techniques to help you recover from alcoholism. These include:

  • Yoga: Controlled breathing exercises can help you manage stress and relax.
  • Acupuncture: In this procedure, thin needles are inserted under the skin as this may relieve alcohol craving, reduce anxiety, depression and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Spiritual Practice: When people are involved in regular spiritual practice, they find it easy to maintain recovery from alcohol addiction.
  • Meditation: While meditation, you gain your attention and remove the thoughts that are crowded in your mind and are causing stress.

Natural Remedies

  • Firm Determination: The alcoholics should have a strong determination to stop alcohol habits. Hence only a firm decision can break this habit.
  • Grapes: Exclusive grape diet for a month is the most effective treatment at home as grapes have the purest form of alcohol. Intake of grapes reduces the intake of alcohol.
  • Celery: The juice made out of its extracts can be consumed twice daily. The juice can be extracted from the leaves and then mixed with two glasses of water and taken.
  • Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd juice has excellent properties to cure the intoxicated effects of alcohol. This helps in repairing the damaged cells of the liver.
  • Dates: Date syrup can be prepared by mixing 2 or 3 dates in a cup of water and this mixture can be taken 3 times a day.

Lifestyle Changes

Coping with alcohol addiction requires a change in your habits and choose different lifestyle. The changes include:

  • Firstly, make it clear to your close friends and family that you are not drinking.
  • Try to distance yourself from social situations and friends who impair your recovery.
  • Develop healthy eating habits, good exercise and sleep can make you recover easily.
  • Try doing those things that does not involve alcohol like you can replace them with hobbies or pastimes.
  • Take time for spiritual activities like going to church and attending the spiritual counseling sessions as this helps you recover fast.

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