Top 10 Disorders of Sleep

Can you believe there are people who do not find any pleasure or peace with sleep. But commonly, sleep is considered as one of the greatest pleasure in one’s life. It is an integral part of our daily life. Sleep is a natural phenomena where all our sensory and motor activities are suspended for a small time interval. It is a recurring process that occurs everyday characterized by a partial or almost total unconsciousness of our body and almost total inactivity of all voluntary muscles. But isn’t it amazing to find people who are affected by sleep disorders ? Yes, Sleep Disorders. The people who do not find proper peace and satisfaction with sleep, they are supposed to be undergoing through some kind of sleep disorder. Here is a list of top 10 disorders of the sleep in people today.

  1. REM Disorder
    REM is the abbreviated form of Rapid Eye Movement. The REM sleep is a normal stage of sleep. The REM sleep is characterized by the rapid movements of the eyes in the patient. A person suffering from REM behavior disorder does not undergo a semi-paralyzed or paralyzed state of sleep. Instead it enters into fits and violent movements. This can be harmful causing injury to the bed partner.
  2. Parasomnia Disorder
    The temporary failure in regaining the consciousness is termed as Parasomnia. It is also referred as night terror by many. A victim of Parasomnia wakes up abruptly from his sleep (slow wave type sleep) with sever gasping, moaning or screaming.
  3. Bruxism
    This is one of the most common type of sleep disorders. About 40 million Americans are estimated to be suffering from varying degrees of bruxism. If it is severe, it can lead to significant damage to the teeth. Most victims with Bruxism have been found to have headache and pain in their jaws, which comes out as a distinct symptom of Bruxism.
  4. Restless Legs Syndrome
    A person suffering from the above mentioned disorder is often found to move its body continuously. The patient undergoes a continual movement of the body or specific body parts in order to gain a relief from some uncomfortable sensations felt while sleeping.
  5. Cant sleep Disorder
    When a body fails to adapt itself to the normal 24-hour sleeping cycle, it is termed as the Cant Sleep Disorder. It results in developing a resistance to the urge and need of sleep in the body. The regular night an day pattern is resisted by the body. It can lead to a more sever wake and sleep cycle if left untreated.
  6. Sleep Apnea
    When a person feels a sudden cessation of breathing while asleep, it is called sleep apnea. This disorder occurs mostly as episodes during a sleep. In most cases, the patients cannot identify nor are aware of their problem. It needs medical assistance to confirm. But your bed partner may notice the symptoms and talk to you.
  7. Kleine-Levin Syndrome
    If you find a person is constantly in need of abnormally more amount of sleep, it can lead to a rare type of disorder. This disorder is named as Kleine-Levin Syndrome. You can even observe people requiring more than 20 hours of sleep in a day. This is an example of an extreme case.
  8. Somniloquy
    Do you find people talking out loud while asleep. This is also a disorder of sleep, named as Somniloquy. People with this disorder may also undergo talking and going into lengthy speeches. The loudness can be more or low depending on the severity. The speeches are seen to occur in episodes during sleep.
  9. Narcolepsy
    Many people doze off during unlikely occasions and at random times. This is the cause of a neurological disorder named as Narcolepsy. Such people can go into REM stage of sleep directly as soon as they fall asleep. If they experience a restful part of sleep, they rarely revert back to the non-REM sleep.
  10. Sexsomnia
    Sexsomnia is a malady of sleep. It shows a typical characteristic in the person who indulges in sexual acts while asleep. The person suffering from this malady commits sexual acts even in deep sleep. You may consider this as a variant of the common case of sleepwalking.

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