An Introduction to Pain

How many times a day do you feel pain? Maybe yesterday you fell down from the stairs or cracked your head on the door. In another time, you were betrayed by your friend and you lost yoour wallet. Be they physical or mental pain, we as human beings feel it. Pain.

As a matter of fact, pain is a common problem in all medical practice. In the USA, around 50 million of its citizen suffer of several type of persistent pain, such as headaches, migraines, cancer pain, arthritis pain, and back pain.

More than 60 percent of these 50 million Americans having the pain for more than one year. In term of cost, pain makes Americans spend around $80 billion a year and lose productivity.

This bare fact shows that pain remains one of the most poorly assessed and treated physical symptoms. Having a deep understanding about the pain will make us easier to find the reliever. Most importantly, you should have the knowledge when you are in healthy conditions and not start to look when you are in pain.

About the pain itself, pain is generally divided into two categories. The categories are as follows:

Acute Pain
Acute pain usually happens in short-term. The period may start from a few seconds, hours, days to several weeks. Acute pain is a signal that you probably have an injury.

Some types of this pain might relieve with no medical treatement since they will disappear by themself. However, we should concern about other types of acute pain which could cause serious problem to the sufferer.

Chronic Pain

On the other side, chronic pain occurs longer than that of acute pain. Chronic pain might last from 3 months to many years of period. About the result and intensity of chronic pain, it may vary from one to another.

For example, there are some periods when the sufferer feels minimal pain and other periods where the sufferer feels severe pain.

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