Altitude Sickness – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies of Alltitude Sickness

Altitude sickness occurs at very high altitudes above sea level where one feels very sick and uneasy. This is also called Acute Mountain Sickness and some times it can get fatal and a condition called High Altitude Pulmonary Edema happens. In this condition, the oxygen levels are reduced as the person ascends rapidly to altitudes higher than 2,500m. Altitude sickness can be prevented and treated if the person takes action quickly.

How can we treat Altitude Sickness?

  • Firstly, know the symptoms of this sickness.
  • When you start having these symptoms, stay at the altitude you reached for your body to get used to the climate.
  • This procedure is called acclimatization and just wait for some time for the symptoms to reduce.
  • If acclimatization fails or start to descend down slowly.
  • Reach for medical help immediately as soon as you come down.
  • If the symptoms are very serious like unconsciousness, call for the emergency medical services immediately.
  • The drugs taken should be prescribed by a health care professional.
  • In hospital, the person is administered oxygen to reduce the affects of hypoxia.

How to prevent Altitude sickness?

When you have planned to go out for high altitudes, be prepared. Here are few tips to prevent altitude sickness:

  • Be aware of the individual limitations as this will allow you to prevent and recognize altitude sickness.
  • Hydrate yourself well before going to higher altitudes.
  • If the symptoms occur then try to slow down the rate of ascend gradually.
  • Know when to descend and if you have severe symptoms, then try to descend fast before your condition worsens.
  • Avoid vigorous exercises as this can worsen the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Herbal potion is made from lemon, water, ginger, garlic and honey.
  • This mixture helps in building stamina, when you are travelling to higher altitudes.
  • Never eat junk foods or heavy foods when you are going to higher altitudes.
  • Eat foods that are easily digested.

Home Remedies

  • A glass of lemon soda should be carried in a bottle as this reduces nausea and vomiting that occurs in higher alltitudes.
  • Natural ingredients like garlic, fenugreek, mango and ginger can be chewed on and off as this eases the symptoms.
  • Deep breathing exercises can be done as the air at higher altitudes is thin and oxygen levels can be increased.
  • Mix 20 drops of ginger liquid with half cup water if you suffer from altitude sickness.
  • Rhodiola rosea capsules per day hen in high altitude can prevent sickness.
  • Three capsules of ginkgo capsules can be taken at least two days before travel.

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