Alcohol Addiction – Causes and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is also called as alcohol dependence. It is a chronic disease where your body becomes dependent on alcohol. The person loses control after drinking and he/she may not be aware of how much you drink or how much was consumed and for how long. If you are suffering from this disorder, then even though you know that its causing problems at your work place, relationships and health, you continue to drink. Some of the symptoms include craving, loss of control and physical dependence.

Causes of Alcoholism

The causes for alcoholism include:

  • Steady drinking over time: Drinking alcohol regularly for long a time can produce physical dependence on alcohol.
  • Age: People who start drinking at an early age are more prone for alcoholism.
  • Sex: Men are more dependent on alcohol than women.
  • Family History: If any one of the parent is dependent on alcohol then the children are at a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic.
  • Depression and other mental health problems: People with mental disorder like depression and anxiety suffer from this disease.
  • Social and cultural factors: If your friends or close partner drinks too often then you may also be at a higher risk of alcoholism.


Alcohol addiction symptoms include:

  • Feeling a strong need or compulsion to drink
  • Developing tolerance to alcohol
  • Drinking alone or in secret
  • Being unable to limit the intake of alcohol
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms like nausea, shaking and sweating
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities that were of great interest for the person
  • Forgetting conversations and commitments
  • Keeping alcohol in rare and secret places at home, work place or in your car
  • Gulping drinks and ordering doubles
  • Becoming intoxicated knowingly to feel good or drink to feel normal
  • Legal problems with relationships, finances or employment due to drinking
  • Getting irritated when you know that it is time to drink and when alcohol is not available
  • Physical signs of alcohol dependence like weight loss, redness of the nose, cheeks and upset stomach(gastritis)

When to consult your physician?

Firstly, listen to your family members, co-workers or friends when they tell you to examine your drinking habits. Seek help immediately from your doctor when you feel that you are losing control over your drinking pattern. Talk to your doctor and listen to the advise that your doctor gives you. Seek help from support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or visit a De-addiction center for further treatment and support

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  1. Great article. Alcohol addiction is one of the most popular forms of substance abuse. Here are some more statistics about alcohol addiction.

    • Alcohol dependence and abuse cost the U.S. approximately $220 billion in 2005. For the sake of comparison, this was greater than the amount of money spent to combat cancer ($196 billion) and obesity ($133 billion) in that same year.
    • 25.9% of underage alcohol abusers (i.e., underage alcoholics) drink 47.3% of the total amount of alcohol consumed by drinkers under the legal age.
    • 6.6 million minors in the U.S. live with an alcoholic mother or father.
    • About 14 million U.S. residents battle an alcohol addiction.
    • Around a quarter of all children experience some form of alcoholism in their families before they reach age 18.
    • One out of every five alcoholics who attempts to stop drinking without medical intervention ends up dying as a result of alcohol withdrawal delirium tremens (the “DTs”).
    • Studies indicate that the offspring of alcoholics have a much greater chance of becoming alcoholics themselves than those whose parents are clean.
    • People who live with an alcoholic use ten times more sick leave than do those who are not exposed to alcoholism.
    • Four-fifths of these living with an alcoholic also claim that their productivity on the job is reduced as a result of their home situation.
    • A staggering one-half-million U.S. children aged nine to 12 are addicted to alcohol.
    • Almost three times as many men as women are problem drinkers, with prevalence highest for both sexes in the 18-to-29 age group.
    • 41% of all traffic fatalities are alcohol-related.
    • 3 million U.S. citizens older than the age of 60 abuse alcohol or require it to function normally.
    • One third of alcoholic deaths are from suicides or accidents such as drownings, head injuries from falling, or car crashes.

    If you or a loved on are dealing with alcohol addiction please seek professional help. Find a local counselor to get you on the road to recovery! Good luck!

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