Top 5 Backpacking Destinations for 2010

Backpacking has been and still remains a preferred form of travel for many. Backpacking is all about affordable travel but it can be fun, interesting and adventurous too. A lot of times, backpackers travel alone as this gives greater scope of meeting new people and knowing cultures better. Backpackers generally use public transport, stay in youth hostels, travel for short periods of time and love knowing locals and cultures along with sight-seeing.

Top 5 backpacking destinations for 2010
Here, we give you a list of some of the best destinations for backpacking around the world, right from Asia to America and Europe to Africa.

argentinaArgentina: This is the second largest country in South America. It is a heaven for backpackers with its vast steppes, high mountains, huge glaciers and clear lakes. The travel, stay and food are extremely affordable, if you live like the locals do. Steaks are a must-have here as they are cheap and are considered to be the best in the world. Buses are a good bet if you wish to travel cheap and comfortably, and are not in a hurry.

Visiting Argentina is a traveler’s delight. A large part of the country is almost completely untouched, unspoiled and serene. Some of the interesting places that you can visit are Patagonia for the vast expanses of greenery and Buenos Aires for its vibrant crowds and happening nightlife.

GeorgiaGeorgia: This is a small country in eastern Europe. A large part of this country still remains largely unexplored and untouched, which could make traveling here an exhilarating experience. It is an interesting country to visit due to the variety in the places that it offers. The minibuses, or Marshrutkas, are the most affordable and convenient for of transport in the country.

Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, is one of the oldest in all of Europe. Other than this, there is Uplistsikhe, a cave town that was built around 1,000 B.C., Gori, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, and Kazbegi village, which is a mountain town and home to Tsminda Sameba church. But the best part about Georgia is its people ai??i?? it is known to be one of the friendliest countries in the world.

indiaIndia: This is the largest country in the Southeast Asian region. It is a country of contrasts and contradictions, with its vast mountain ranges, many national parks, tea and coffee plantations, crowded cities, dirty yet worshiped rivers, and many more. If you like this place, you will love it; otherwise, you might hate it. But it has something to offer everyone. The best part is that everything from lodging to food to travel is extremely inexpensive.

Some of the places that you can visit in India are the beaches of Goa, Taj Mahal at Agra along with hill stations, historical sites, archaeological sites and national parks spread out all over the country. One of the biggest attractions is the Himalayan region, right from Leh-Ladakah up to the northeastern region. As all these places are spread out all over this huge country, you can use trains, buses, or even flights to get from one place to the other at a low cost.

MoroccoMorocco: This a country in the Saharan region in the north of Africa. The culture here is a unique and interesting blend of European, Middle Eastern and African influences. It is a good destination for those who travel alone on a tight budget. It is cheaper and more backpacker-friendly than a lot of other African countries. There is affordable lodging available along with a wide variety of local cuisines that are both cheap and tasty. Also, all the major cities are connected by a rail network, which makes travel very convenient.

Morocco offers a variety of locations for travel like vast expanses of deserts, mountain ranges with breathtaking view and a scenic coastline. The main cities to visit are Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat. It offers some of the best African food ai??i?? couscous in an unbelievably wide range of variations, Moroccan pastries and pastille or meat pie.

turkeyTurkey: This is a huge country that is located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Due to its location, it has a cultural blend that has traces of European as well as Asian influences. Although this country is affordable, it is slowly becoming a bit expensive, given the increasing number of travelers visiting and exploring this country. The country has a good connectivity of buses that are more affordable and faster than trains. The coastal areas and Istanbul are more expensive as compared to the rest of the country.

Turkey has endless number of places that you can visit. There are ancient historical ruins and towns such as Ephesus and Ani, Breathtaking scenery such as in Nemrut DaAYAi?? Milli National Park as well as the modern city of Istanbul. This is the place to go, especially if you like adventure travel.

These are some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places that are unbelievably affordable and perfect for backpacking. So if you are up for some adventure, these are the destinations for you.

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  1. visiting the himalayan region is on my list too :)

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