Feeding Problems – Treatment and Remedies for Feeding Problems

Most of the children and infants are affected with gastro-intestinal problems. The problems influence the child’s food absorption and lack of appetite. These circumstances lead to feeding problems and disrupt the child’s ability to take proper amount of nutrients. The treatment, remedies and prognosis is discussed below.

Feeding Problems Treatment

Depending on the severity of feeding problem, the following steps are to be taken to treat the condition. These can only be accomplished only through medical advice and hospitalization for a short period.

  • Identify and correct any underlying illnesses or problems
  • Correct any mineral or vitamin deficiencies
  • Increase the amount of fluid the child intakes

Most of the feeding problems need not be treated as they establish by themselves with the time. But even then seeking a medical advice is good.

Give much importance to the health of your child rather than weight. Be generous in feeding them and make them adapt to the food.

Take advices regularly from the health visitors and midwives about the feeding problems.

If a serious problem is underlying, seek a medical professional.

Early treatment should be given to the child to prevent certain complications. The most severe complication is malnutrition as this can permanently have an effect on physical and mental development of a child.

Home Remedies for Feeding Problems

  • If you are very much concerned about your child’s growth levels, consult a qualified nutritionist.
  • In children, lack of iron is linked to poor appetite, reduced resistance to infection. So give them iron rich foods.
  • Give your child a variety of nutrient-rich foods in small quantities. It helps in providing your child a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Never use food as a reward and bribe your child into eating. This may sow some emotional problems in the child

Prognosis for Feeding Problems

For majority of children and infants with feeding problems, there is no quick cure. Some feeding disorders are self-limited while other milder. Feeding problems need a multidisciplinary approach of various specialists. The specialists to be consulted are dietitians, pediatricians, nurses, behavior specialists and social workers and not the least parents. They all try to improve the child’s nutritional status and their well-being.

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