Anthrax – Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies of Anthrax

Anthrax is a life threatening infectious disease that usually affects animals. This disease can be transmitted to human beings by infected animals and the agent is a bacteria called Bacillus anthracis. It can infect humans skin through an open wound, eating undercooked meat of an infected animal or by inhaling the anthrax spores. Inhaling the spores is very dangerous because even after treatment it leads to death of the person but early diagnosis and treatment can cure this dreadful disease.

How is Anthrax treated?

  • The standard treatment for anthrax that a doctor may advise is putting the patient on antibiotic therapy for 60 days.
  • Treatment is effective when started at an early stage.
  • Although, most of the cases respond to antibiotics, advanced cases of inhalation anthrax may not respond to the treatment.
  • As the disease advances, the bacteria produces more toxins than drugs.
  • Treatment does not work in these cases.
  • Supportive treatment is given in the hospital for those advanced cases.
  • Intravenous multi drug therapy is often recommended by the doctor.
  • Sensitivity tests are done to see if the anthrax bacteria can be killed by certain antibiotics.
  • Inhalation anthrax is very dreadful and it can take the life of the person suffering from it.

How can we prevent anthrax infection?

Antibiotics are advised for all the people exposed to anthrax spores. Disease can be prevented by the following:

Anthrax vaccine:

  • This is available for humans but it is not very effective.
  • The vaccine does not contain live bacteria and cannot lead to infection.
  • It has side effects like soreness at the site of injection.
  • The vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women, children, older people or adults.
  • The vaccine is not given for general public.
  • It is kept for scientists, military personnel working with anthrax and for those people in high risk professions.

Avoid Infected Meat

  • In case you travel or live in those places where anthrax infections are common, try to avoid contact with animal skin and livestock.
  • Never eat meat that is undercooked.
  • Take precautions when working with imported hides, wool or fur.

Natural Remedies for Anthrax

Some of the remedies for anthrax include:

  • Garlic: Anthrax is most susceptible to garlic. It is a natural antibiotic that stimulates the immune system. It mainly stops the growth of the bacteria. Freshly cut garlic cloves are taken.
  • Echinacea: It is one of the immune enhancing herb. The extract of this herb is taken directly.
  • Myrrh: Myrrh extracts has the bacteria killing capacity and is effective in fighting many bacterial infections. Take 2-4 milliliters of tincture three times a day. It can be applied topically for the treatment of open wounds and sores.
  • Oil of Oregano: This oil is a natural antibiotic and is more powerful than many prescribed antibiotics.

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  1. The standard treatment for anthrax is a 60-day course of an antibiotic, such as Ciprofloxacin(Cipro) or Doxycycline. Which single antibiotic or combination of antibiotics will be most effective for you depends on the type of anthrax you have, your age, overall health and other factors. Treatment is most effective when started as soon as possible.

    Although some cases of anthrax respond to antibiotics, advanced inhalation anthrax may not. By the later stages of the disease, the bacteria have often produced more toxins than drugs can eliminate.

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