Trigger Finger – Treatment and Prevention of Trigger Finger

The treatment of trigger finger is entirely based on the severity of the condition. The most common methods of treatment include –

  • Physical therapy
    A trained physical therapist will plan a program based on your condition. The program will involve various strengthening exercises, massage, splinting, paraffin wraps and using soaking in warm water.
  • Splinting
    Wearing a splint can hold the concerned finger in the lengthened position, Splinting will also forbid the affected finger from activities and allow resting. It will also restrict the finger to make a fist while sleeping.
  • Cortisone Shots
    Some physicians may recommend use of corticosteroid injections into the tendon sheath. This has been found effective in more than 50% of patients over weeks to months.
  • Surgery
    a relatively simple surgery may be prescribed when corticosteroid injection fails to reduce any symptoms. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The sheath that is restricting the tendon is surgically cut. This will reduce the friction of the tendon.
  • Other methods
    There are various investigative treatment options that can be used for the treatment of trigger finger condition. But there are no scientific evidences in support of the methods mentioned below –

    • acupuncture
    • occupational therapy
    • phonophoresis (ultrasound with an anti-inflammatory dexamethasone cream)
    • steroid iontophoresis treatment
    • splinting
    • therapeutic ultrasound
    • using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Home-based Treatment of Trigger Finger
There are various home-based methods for the treatment of trigger finger which are effective when performed along with the clinical methods mentioned above. These include –

  • Massage
    You may get some temporary relief from the discomfort by kneading your fingers gently. This may also help in reducing the inflammation if done correctly.
  • Resting
    Once a finger is affected, it needs rest. Resting can speed improvement. Avoid activities that involve gripping for a prescribed period.
  • Soaking finger in tepid water
    Warm water treatment is very effective with most orthopedic problems. Every morning place the affected palm in warm water. This will help in cutting down the intensity of the snapping and locking.

Prevention of Trigger Finger
The key to any prevention is education and common knowledge. The biggest mistake one would make is working through the pain. Whenever you have some pain at any part, it is always advisable to rest that part as much as possible. Overuse of the fingers must be avoided.

Musicians who are dedicated enough to attain perfection in any recital or gig are the victims. Even the computer users under pressure trying to work really hard also are prone to suffer from trigger finger. Above all, the artists and potters who use their fingers a lot for minute artworks are most susceptible to suffer from trigger finger.

Taking frequent breaks between works, stretching arms, hands and neck, relaxing from a long sitting time, are a few ideal ways of prevention.

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