Trigger Finger – Causes and Symptoms of Trigger Finger

The condition characterized by catching, locking and snapping of a thumb or any of the fingers in a bent position is termed as Trigger finger. Its other names are – stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger thumb or trigger digit. The condition is generally associated with pain and dysfunction. The finger gets straightened with a snap which is similar to the action of puling a trigger and then releasing.

The fingers may get locked in the bent position in more severe cases. The thumb, middle or ring fingers are the ones that are mostly affected. Even more than one finger might get affected. The symptoms of locking is severe at morning. Extreme discomfort is felt while straightening the fingers and grasping any object.

Causes of Trigger Finger
The prime cause of trigger finger occurrence is still unknown. But speculations state that repetitive and forceful use of a digit (a bone in the finger) can make the fibrous digital sheath narrowed down. The digit runs inside the fibrous digital sheath. But this data is not scientifically proven yet.

The link between trigger finger and work activities is debatable. There are very limited evidences present on it which are scientifically proven. But it is usually seen that the trigger finger is associated with repetitive actions of gripping and forceful use of the fingers.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger
The most common symptoms of trigger finger are as follows –

  • stiffness in the finger
  • frequent locking of the finger
  • clicking sound heard while attempting to move the locked finger
  • feeling of a bump or tenderness in the palm
  • tenderness felt at the base of the finger
  • swelling observed in the locked finger
  • locking occurring without any genuine reason
  • locking getting severe in the morning
  • difficulty in grips or grips getting weakened
  • discomfort is felt while straightening the fingers

The history, case study and physical examination are enough to confirm the trigger finger condition.

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