Top 7 Ways to Make the Most of your Cell Phone

Mobile phones have become smarter, slimmer and indispensable. Proper care of mobile phone can increase its lifetime and keep it looking like new. If you want to make the most out of your phone, here are few simple tips:

Read the User Manual: Your cell phone comes with a user manual. Read the manual to know more about your cell phone. Most user manuals are brief and easy to read. The phone’s features are properly organized and explained. Reading the manual can help you to make the best use of your phone and its features.

Read about your Phone Online: Check your mobile manufacturer’s website to know more about your phone. Most manufacturer websites provide user manual, free games, and applications . You can also read about your phone on the Internet to know more about it. Moreover, you can join your phone community on facebook, orkut and other networking sites to know more about your phone

Use a Screen Protector: Ever noticed the scratches on your mobile screen and regretted it? Use a screen protector to keep your screen scratch free. A screen protector does not cost much and is a must buy if you want to keep your phone scratch proof.

Use a Phone Case: A phone case covers your phone fully and protects it from falls, scratches and moisture. Phone cases can be made of various materials such as leather or silicone. Classy and attractive cases can give a new look to your phone

Clean your Cell phone: Use a soft dry cloth to clean your mobile keypad as dirt can accumulate between the keys and jam the pad. You can also remove the battery and gently blow out the dust.

Avoid Extreme temperatures/Moisture: Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight or cold temperature. Also keep it away from moisture. If your phone does get wet, remove the battery and dry it with a hair dryer. If its raining outside, ensure that your cellphone is neatly packed with a plastic cover.

Conserve battery: Switch off the bluetooth and wi-fi if you are not using them. You can also dim the screen to increase your phone battery life.

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