Head Lice – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Head Lice

Head lice are winged, tiny insects that live on head of the people. They feed on the blood and are parasites. Head lice is commonly seen among children than adults. The infestation of head lice is also called as pediculosis. They are usually spread through head to head contacts, sharing personal items,etc. These are harmless but irritating. The treatment, prevention and remedies for head lice are discussed below.

Head Lice Treatment

To get rid of the head lice, you need to treat the individual, the family and the whole household.

Treating the individual and the family

  • Use a good prescribed anti-lice shampoo to clean the hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly.
  • Do not use an other shampoo or conditioner before going for a hair wash with anti-lice shampoo. Do not wash the treated hair again for 2-3 days.
  • Put on a clean clothing after the treatment.
  • Comb the wet hair immediately so that the remaining lice come out.
  • Using a nit comb, remove all the nits found on the hair.
  • Apply the same medication again after a week.
  • Ensure that all the individuals of the family are free from lice and nits within 2-3 weeks.

Treating the household

  • Wash all the clothes and linens the infested individual uses.
  • The clothing that are not washable such as hats, caps,etc are dry cleaned.
  • Clean the used combs by washing them in hot water and soap.
  • Clean the furniture and floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Prevention of Head Lice

Finally the most important thing to know is how to prevent head lice. Here are some ways mentioned to prevent them.

  • Check hair regularly
  • Keep the long hair plaited or tied back
  • Discourage children playing with each other’s hair
  • Do not share items such as caps, helmets, combs, brushes, clothings, etc
  • Avoid direct head-to-head contact
  • Regularly clean the things that had been used by the infested person
  • Maintain a short hair for a quicker cure

Remedies for Head Lice

The following are the home remedies for getting rid of head lice:

  • A paste of garlic and lemon juice should be applied to the head.
  • Mash an apple and apply the paste to the head. Massage the head and wash thoroughly.
  • Take a bowl of butter and add lemon juice. Apply on the head and leave for about 20 minutes. Wash the hair.
  • Apply vinegar mixed with baby oil on the head. Leave for one hour and wash.
  • A mixture of water and vinegar can be applied and kept overnight. Then wash it off.
  • Apply tea tree oil and leave it over night. This is effective in removing the head lice.
  • Make a fine paste of custard apple along with its seed. Apply the paste on the head and keep it overnight. Cover the head with a cloth and wash it the next day.
  • Prepare a mixture of egg-yolk, lemon and vinegar and apply the paste on the scalp. Allow it to dry for half an hour and wash the hair.

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