Febrile Convulsions – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Febrile Convulsions

Febrile convulsions are seizures that are common in babies and young children. They occur as a cause of high temperatures and as a result of an infection. The body temperatures of small children are not fully matured and hence they are prone to fevers frequently. It affects about 1 in 20 children. The convulsions occur briefly and are frightening to watch. But they do not cause any harm or long term problems. The treatment, prevention and remedies for febrile convulsions are discussed below.

Febrile Convulsions Treatment

Since febrile convulsions occur naturally in most of the children, there is no particular treatment for them. Certain methods are to be kept in mind and are to be followed when your child develops convulsions.

  • Make your child lie down onto a side with head in a neutral position
  • Remove the objects from surroundings
  • Loosen the clothing especially around the neck
  • Do not give water or any eatable at the time
  • Do not hold your child tightly
  • Cool down the room’s temperature
  • Do not try to stop the seizure movements of your child
  • Seek medical professional help as soon as possible

If your child is prone to convulsions before, doctor may advice a pre-anal medication. The drug is given using the rectal tube through the rectum.

After a seizure, doctors may also advice painkillers to bring down your child’s temperature.

Doctor may want your child to be hospitalized if the convulsion is for a longtime or accompanied by a serious infection.

Prevention of Febrile Convulsions

Fever which is the main cause for convulsions can be reduced but this may or may not prevent the convulsions. The following are the methods to reduce fever that is the main cause for convulsions:

  • Do not let your child take a bath to bring down the temperature
  • Doctor may prescribe medication to control fever
  • Move the child to a cool temperature ensuring the child does not shiver
  • Remove the clothing of your child

If febrile convulsions are frequent in your child, doctor may prescribe medications that help to prevent high temperatures and frequent convulsions. It is not always possible to prevent febrile convulsions in your child as they are not the first sign of illness.

Remedies for Febrile Convulsions

The following are the home remedies for treating children with febrile convulsions.

  • Mustard seeds are helpful in controlling the convulsions caused by high fever. Mustard seeds should be powdered and the powder is mixed in warm water. This product can be used in your child’s bath.
  • Rub sandalwood paste on the forehead, palms and feet. This reduces the fever.

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