Fainting – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Fainting

Fainting, also called as syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness followed by full alertness after sometime. The person loses his consciousness due to blood drop in the brain. The blood drop can be due to less blood in the blood vessels, weak blood vessels or due to less blood pump from the heart. The treatment, prevention and remedies are discussed below.

Fainting Treatment

The affected persons usually take very little time to return to a state of normalcy. The main treatment given to the fainted person is to supply with enough oxygen and blood so that the blood flow is normal to the brain. After fainting, the patient should be kept in a recovery position.

If the person has a feeling of fainting, make the person to lie on a floor. Now raise the legs above the head’s level. This facilitates the flow of blood to the brain. Also make the person to bend the head and put it in between the legs. After a duration of faint, the victim should be given some refreshing drink and allowed to take a rest. A good sleep improves the condition faster.

If the victim is not regaining the normal position even after a long time or affected with frequent attacks, the victim should be taken to a medical professional.

Prevention of Fainting

Preventive steps are to be taken depending on the cause of fainting.

  • To prevent dehydration which is a cause for fainting, you need to take adequate fluids.
  • If medications seem to be a cause for the fainting, you have to consult a doctor for a change of medications.
  • Older patients need to wait for a second after every changing position. The pause is needed to allow the body’s reflexes to react.
  • Patients with frequent faints should be aware of the signs and take the rest needed to avoid them.

Remedies for Fainting

The following are the immediate steps to be taken at home if a person has fainted:

  • Check if the person is breathing properly. If not give the victim a mouth to mouth breathing.
  • Allow the victim to wear loose clothing.
  • Make the victim lie down in a calm and cool place.
  • The victim should be allowed to lie such that the feet are above the level of the head.
  • If the victim is having vomiting sensation, make the victim to turn onto the side.

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