Top 5 Interview Blunders You Should Avoid

The very thought of attending an interview makes many people jittery and nervous. You might be just fresh out of college or an experienced professional, but you need to be at ease and confident to know how to crack an interview. An interview is an important step in grabbing that dream job of yours. Most people fail to clear an interview even after giving it their best shot. This might lead to frustration and low self-esteem.

What does the interviewer expect from you? Is there any sure-shot way to clear an interview? Are there any set of protocols that one needs to follow during an interview? You can put on your best suit, polish your shoes to a perfect shine and sport your best smile – but would this ensure that the interview would be as easy as a cakewalk? Well, there’s no theory behind this and clearing an interview is no rocket science. You just need to remember a few important points and be confident to grab your dream job.

An interview may be casual or formal depending on the job profile. After analyzing and sifting through the most common mistakes that people make during an interview, we present to you the top 5 interview blunders that you should avoid.

1.)Being Late – Never be late for an interview. Any prospective employer would never want to hire a person who doesn’t value time. Plan well in advance and always report at least 15 minutes before the interview time. This will give you some time to relax and be prepared. In case of a genuine reason for delay, inform the concerned person and apologize for the late-coming.

interview mistakes2.)Shabby or Unkempt Appearance – You wouldn’t want to look shabby or unkempt on the day of your interview. Being presentable doesn’t mean that you have to put on an Armani suit. Dress up in decent formals to look presentable. Here’s a word of advice for men – torn jeans and dirty boots are a strict no-no. And ladies, don’t overdo the make-up. Keep it subtle and simple. Avoid using a strong perfume too. An interview is not a place to seduce or impress. Even if the interview is an informal one, it is always preferable to dress up in formal clothing.

3.)Criticizing your past employer – This is one common mistake that a lot of people do during an interview. If you had a fall-out with your previous boss, don’t bad-mouth him/her in the interview. Doing so will reflect very badly on you and would surely have a negative influence on the outcome of the interview. And most importantly – If you do not have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

4.)Taking calls on your cellphone during the interview – It is always better to switch off your cellphone before the interview. It is very distracting if your cellphone rings in the middle of the interview and it is considered to be impolite. In case of an emergency, if you have to take a call, inform the interviewer and seek permission. Also, avoid texting or messaging during the interview.

5.)Being sarcastic and Over-confident – Humor may act as an ice-breaker but at times people tend to go overboard and start being sarcastic. Also, you should not be over-confident during the interview. You wouldn’t want to rub your interviewer in the wrong way. If the interviewer cracks a joke, smile and nod politely. Do not come up with a joke of your own or pass a sarcastic remark to try and impress. The chances of it back-firing on you are pretty high. The interviewer would not want to judge you based on your sense of humor and may not appreciate it. Hence, be careful with your words. Don’t lose out on a big opportunity due to a gaffe.

Make a note of these 5 simple steps and be rest assured that you would definitely create a good impression.

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