Fabry Disease ai??i?? Treatment for Fabry Disease

Fabry disease is a genetic disorder that affects the break down of fats in the body. This is caused due to mutation in a gene, responsible for break down of fats. As a result the fats are not degraded and are accumulated in the body’s tissues. This leads to symptoms including skin blisters, heart problems and burning sensations in the hands and feet. The treatment, prevention and remedies are discussed below.

Fabry Disease Treatment

Although there is no specific remedy for fabry disease, it can be treated to some extent. Fabry disease is treated by enzyme replacement. The enzyme which involves in the break down of fats is being replaced by enzyme therapy.

Medications are advised to the person affected with symptoms such as pain and complications, such as blood pressure. Some affected need kidney transplants or kidney dialysis for malfunctioning and damaged kidneys.

Drugs used in enzyme replacement therapy are costly and hence many affected people may not opt for the treatment. This therapy is to be applied with caution as it is not equivalent to a remedy. An other therapeutic treatment is employed where some tiny molecules are used that cut down the excess fat in the cells.

In the future, gene therapy may be effective in treating the fabry disease completely and the research studies on genetic science are being done.

Prognosis for Fabry Disease

Individuals with fabry disease will survive until adulthood but are prone to heart diseases, kidney failures and increased strokes. To avoid the risk of inheriting the disease, parents have to go for genetic counseling. Genetic professionals study the entire family history and the disease condition. They provide support and give advices to the individuals for possible treatments and preventive steps.

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  1. Dear All,
    The article said that there is another way to treat Fabry other than enzyme replacement, which is to use some tiny molecules are used that cut down the excess fat in the cells.

    Can any body tell me more about this subject.


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