Epilepsy in Children – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Epilepsy in Children

Epilepsy in children is the occurrence of multiple seizures. This is a common neurological disorder. The normal brain activity is disturbed due to the sudden change in the electrical impulses of brain. The affected child may also experience loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, strange behavior and emotions. The treatment, prevention and remedies for epilepsy in children are enlisted below.

Epilepsy in children Treatment

After the child is diagnosed with epilepsy, some initial efforts are to be taken at your home to protect the child.

  • The child has to be laid down
  • Any harmful objects nearby are to be removed
  • Do not put anything in your child’s mouth
  • Check whether the child is breathing properly. If not give mouth to mouth breathing
  • Do not give any food or medication without consulting a doctor
  • Call your child’s doctor

Medical Treatment

Treating children is different from treating adults affected with epilepsy. Children with first time seizures are generally not given medications. This reasons behind this are:

  • The doctors may not be sure of the first time seizure whether it is the epileptic seizure or something else.
  • Medications possess some side effects and may affect child’s teeth or liver.
  • The child may have only one to very few seizures.

If the child is given medical treatment

  • The doctor observes the drug levels prescribed and for the side effects. Frequent blood tests are taken and the dosage is changed till the child is adjusted to a certain drug.
  • If your child is affected with severe seizures, anti-epileptic medications are given. The child need to be admitted in intensive care unit and oxygen for proper breathing has to be provided.

Prevention of Epilepsy in Children

Although epilepsy in children cannot be prevented, the conditions and causes that lead to epilepsy can be prevented. Giving a proper diet to your child and good sleep may decrease the likelihood of occurrence of seizures in children. Be aware when your child is swimming or participating in any other activity that would lead to seizure.

Remedies for Epilepsy in Children

The following are the remedies enlisted for epilepsy in children:

  • In case your child is affected with uncontrollable seizures, wear a medical alert bracelet
  • Let your child have a good sleep
  • Give your child the medications properly

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