Epilepsy – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder of nervous system that depends on various causes and can affect any individual. The normal pattern of the body is disturbed leading to seizures. The affected person may also experience strange behavior, emotions, loss of consciousness and muscle spasms. The treatment, prevention and remedies for epilepsy are discussed below.

Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is treated by the following treatments:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Therapy


Doctors prescribe mostly the anti-epileptic drugs for treating epilepsy. Medications are generally given after a person had 2 to 3 seizures. The drug is prescribed based on the following factors:

  • In a woman whether she is pregnant or not
  • Age and lifestyle of a person
  • How frequently they happen
  • The type of seizure

All the anti-epileptic drugs have some side effects. Milder side effects are speech problems, loss of coordination, skin rashes, loss of bone density, weight gain, dizziness and fatigue. Severe but rare side effects are inflammation of certain organs, severe rash, suicidal thoughts and behaviors and depression.


Surgery is recommended by the doctor if seizures are not controlled by medications. A small, well-defined area in brain is usually responsible for the uncontrollable seizures. Hence, this part is removed surgically.

If the part of the brain responsible for seizures cannot be removed, complex surgeries are recommended by doctors. A series of cuts are made in the brain and these are designed in such a way that the seizures are prevented. The seizures do not spread to other brain parts after the surgery.

Surgery may also lead to side effects and result in altered cognitive abilities. Hence, even after the surgery is made, doctors prescribe some medications to be continued.


Ketogenic diet:
Seizures can be controlled and reduced by taking a diet which is high in fats and low in carbohydrates. The fats are broken down for energy instead of carbohydrates. This is called as ketogenic diet. Only children are prescribed with this diet.

Vagus nerve stimulation:
Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve controls seizures. A device called vagus nerve stimulator is used for the therapy. This reduces 30 to 40 % seizures.

Prevention of epilepsy

Till date, the exact cause for epilepsy has not been determined by the researchers. Hence, to prevent epilepsy, the conditions and events that lead to its development are to be prevented.

Remedies for Epilepsy

To control epilepsy, you need to understand the condition well. The following are the remedies enlisted.

  • Have an adequate sleep everyday
  • Take the medications properly
  • In case of severe seizures, wear a medical alert bracelet

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