Agoraphobia – Treatment, Prevention and Natural Remedies of agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is also called ai???fear of open spacesai??? because in this disorder the person suffers from anxiety and fear associated with certain unfamiliar situations or surroundings. A person with this disorder has multiple fears like fear of leaving home or being alone and fear of being in a situation where one cannot leave suddenly. This causes intense psychological and physical distress and can affect your ability to function in a normal way at your work place or in social settings. When it affects your daily life, the psychologist may advise a number of therapies that helps you to overcome your fears.

What is the treatment of Agoraphobia?

The treatment of agoraphobia involves a combination of psychotherapy and medication. This type of therapy is often successful and the patient usually overcomes it and learns to keep it under control.
The interventions for this disorder include:


  • Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are used to treat this disorder and other panic attack symptoms.
  • A serotonin re uptake inhibitor may be advised by the psychologist.
  • These drugs can cause many side effects that may be similar to the symptoms of a panic attack.
  • The doctor may initially increase the dose at the beginning and slowly reduces the dose when the symptoms are controlled.


  • Psychotherapy deals with the emotional response to the mental illness.
  • The psychologist helps them by talking about strategies for understanding their disorder.
  • The trained mental health care professionals help them the different ways to deal the disorder depending on the severity.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • The cognitive therapy involves the replacement of anxious thoughts with realistic thoughts.
  • It also teaches the patient how to manage the panic attacks.
  • Coping methods like relaxation and breathing techniques are also taught to the patient.
  • The behavioral part involves to remove the undesirable and unhealthy behaviors.
  • With every day practice and help of the trained professionals the patient learns that what they fear might happen, does not not occur.
  • This helps in the gradual decrease of anxiety.

Can Agoraphobia be prevented?

Though panic disorder cannot be prevented, here are a few things which you can do to reduce the stress. They include:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet daily.
  • Stop those products that contains caffeine like tea, cola, coffee and chocolate.
  • Always have any kind of drug or herbal medicines with your doctors consent as they contain chemicals that can increase anxiety symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Agoraphobia

Following are some of the natural remedies for Agoraphobia:

  • Valerian Root : This is a natural sedative and it relaxes the nervous system. It reduces stress, tension, and reduces anxiety.
  • Passion Flower:It acts as a mild sedative. This helps to reduce anxiety and improves the mood.
  • Winter Cherry: It is an excellent herb for depression and anxiety. It reduces stress and relaxes the body.
  • Kava Kava: This herb also has anti-anxiety effects and is a natural remedy for anxiety, stress and in some cases it makes people suffering from agoraphobia more sociable.
  • Deep breathing exercises are an excellent technique to reduce panic attacks.


  • Before taking any medications, keep in mind to consult your doctor.
  • Never take medications or any natural remedy without the health care professionals knowledge.

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