Autism – Treatment of Autism

Autism is a series of developmental disorder that appears in early childhood and they affect the ability of a child to interact and communicate with others. It is estimated that three to six out of 1000 children suffer from autism in the United States of America. Though there is no cure for autism , intense treatment at an early stages can make an enormous difference in the lives of autistic children.

Treatment for Autism

There is no cure for autism but treatments and different interventions can be overwhelming. The treatment options include:

Behavior and Communication Therapy

  • In this therapy many programs have been developed to solve the range of social, behavioral and language problems faced by an autistic patient.
  • Some of these programs deal with reducing behavioral problems and teaching new skills.
  • Other programs involve teaching the child how to act in social situations and communication skills.
  • Though children are not cured of this disorder, but they learn to live a stabilized life even with this disorder.

Educational Therapies

  • Children respond well to educational programs and this program includes a team of specialists.
  • Many activities are conducted to improve the communication, social and behavioral skills.
  • Children who are in their preschool show good progress in such interventions.

Drug Therapy

  • A psychiatrist may prescribe anti-depressants for anxiety.
  • Anti-psychotic drugs may be prescribed by the doctor for serious behavioral problems.

Creative Therapies

  • Some parents choose to seek alternate therapies like medical intervention with music therapy and art therapy are conjoined.
  • This mainly focuses on a child’s sensation to sound and touch.

Special diets

  • Dietary supplements like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids are advised by the doctor.
  • A registered dietitian should be consulted to learn more.
  • Foods like probiotics; a yeast free diet; casein free diet; gluten free are being restricted.

Coping and Support

Raising an autistic child can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting. These ideas can be followed:

  • Firstly learn about the disease as this will help you to understand your child better.
  • Seek out other families who have children with autistic disorder and are struggling with the challenges of autism.
  • There are support groups like Autism Research Institute and The cure for Autism Foundation which help such children and their families to cope up with this disorder.
  • Find a team of teachers and therapists who can guide your child to open different fields and explain the regulations about the child’s disability.

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