Vision Problems – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies of Vision Problems

Vision problems are mostly ignored at their preliminary stages by most people. They do not look for medical advises unless their defective vision starts interfering with their daily life. There can be several causes leading to problems in the eye and vision. Similarly, there are several treatment options available to treat specific eye problems.

Treatment of vision problems is decided by the physician. Different method of treatment is chosen to treat different problem of the eyes. Example – cataract eye would require a surgery, while a migraine induced vision disturbances would require rest and treatment for migraine. But the success of any treatment depends mostly on the type of the problem and the extent of severity of the condition. The early you refer medical help, the better will be your results.

Home Remedies for Vision Problems

  • Vitamin A
    For improving the vision, Vitamin A is most important. The chief sources of vitamin a include milk cream, tomatoes, raw spinach, turnip tops, cheese, butter, lettuce, soya beans, carrots, cabbage, fresh milk, green peas, oranges and dates.
  • Triphala
    Triphala is a famous Ayurvedic preparation. This preparation is very effective in treating Myopia. it consists of three myrobalans, namely, belleric myroblan (bahera), embelica myrobalan (Indian gooseberry) and chebulic myrobalan (harad). The triphala preparation can be taken directly mixing with water or can also be used to wash eyes twice a day.
  • Liquorice
    Liquorice is also considered as an effective remedy of vision problems. It can be taken an equal amount of honey, half the quantity of butter mixed with milk. It works well if taken empty stomach.
  • Chicory
    Chicory is a very valuable herb. chicory is rich in Vitamin A. It is most beneficial when mixed with 200 ml of carrot juice, 75 ml of parsley juice, 150 ml of celery juice.

Diet for Vision Problems
People with defect in vision must consume more natural and uncooked foods.Including the below consumables in our daily diet is very essential –

  • fresh fruits – grapes, apples, oranges, plums, cherries and peaches
  • green vegetables – cabbage, lettuce, spinach and turnips
  • root vegetables – carrots, beetroots, potatoes, onions and turnips
  • dried fruits
  • nuts
  • dairy products

But cereals should be consumed only sparingly. Wholemeal bread is mostly recommended. Jams, coffee, tea, meat, eggs and whitebreads must be avoided.

Other methods of treatment –

  • Sun Gazing
  • Sun gazing is a very ancient practise for increasing the eye efficiency.

    • Sit on a bench.
    • Face the rising sun with closed eyes.
    • Sway sideways several times gently for ten minutes.
    • Open your eyes.
    • Blink your eyes ten times looking at the sun.
    • Look at the sun and to some greenery alternately and continue blinking.
  • Splashing
  • Splashing is a very common way to rinse the eyes. Most people practise splashing immediately after leaving their bed in the morning.

    • Close your eyes.
    • Splash plain water over closed eyes for several times.
    • Rub over the closed lids briskly for a minute.
    • Take a towel to rub the lids.

    The above process boosts the blood supply along with cleaning the eyes.

  • Swinging
    • Stand placing your feet 12 inches apart.
    • Hold your hands loose at each side.
    • Relax your body and mind.
    • Sway your body gently from side to side.
    • Perform a slow but a steady movement.
    • Make sure only your heels raises alternately and not the whole foot.
    • The movement would represent a slow moving pendulum.
    • Do not forget to keep a picture in front of your eyes. You may also perform this exercise in front of a window. This is required so that the object also appears to start moving in the direction opposite to your swing.
    • Do keep blinking at least once during each swing.

Prevention of Vision Problems
The following steps may be followed for maintaining the health and condition of your eyes.

  • If you are over 60 years of age, regular check up with your ophthalmologist or optometrist is important.
  • Have proper nutritious food and healthy diet.
  • Wear sunglasses every time yo go out in the sun.
  • Wearing glasses while leaving home is an ideal practise to protect your eyes from dust, smoke and pollution.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol should be kept under control.
  • Consume more green leafy vegetables and foods rich in antioxidants.

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