Achondroplasia – Treatment and Home Remedies of Achondroplasia

The treatment for achondroplasia consists of treating and preventing the signs and symptoms. There is no proper treatment to reverse the defect in achondroplasia. The main defect is in the genes and this disease is inherited. We can help by providing psychological support and make their life easier by giving symptomatic treatment.

The treatment plan can be divided into 2 main steps. They are:

  1. Medical Intervention for Achondroplasia
  2. Surgical Management of Achondroplasia

Medical Intervention for Achondroplasia
The medical care involves the following:

  • Growth hormone like somatotropin is used to increase the height of patients
  • There is an increased growth seen after treatment
  • No study has justified prolonged treatment with growth hormone in short stature patients

Surgical Management of Achondroplasia
The orthopedic disorders seen in patients suffering from achondroplasia are related to spine. Surgical intervention is needed for some people.
Some of the surgical interventions are as follows:

  • Rods or staples are inserted to the spine to correct the shape of the back
  • If the back bone is applying pressure on the spinal cord, surgery is done to open and increase the size of the vertebrae
  • The limb bone is divided, straightened and a metal plate is inserted to hold it in place
  • This will help the bone to grow straight

Support groups for Achondroplasia patients

  • Discrimination is one problem that they face at some point of their lives
  • Advocacy groups, family support and social networks help these people to overcome the challenges they face because of their disorder
  • In America, there is an organization called Little People of America. This organization extends social support, education and advocacy opportunities to people suffering from achondroplasia.

Healthy diet and exercise

  • People suffering from achondroplasia are at a risk of becoming obese
  • To avoid obesity, eat a well balanced and healthy diet to control weight gain
  • Exercises like walking, sports, gardening and dancing also help in weight loss
  • Achondroplasia is a disorder of bones, so always consult your physician before you start exercising
  • Doctors help in choosing the right type of exercise depending on the strength and endurance of an individual
  • If exercises cause more pain and discomfort, then it is considered unhealthy

Home Care for children suffering from Achondroplasia

Consult a pediatric about home care. Some of the issues related to children suffering from achondroplasia are as follows:

  • Use a firm back and neck support for your infant car seat
  • Never use swings, carrying slings, jumper seats, umbrella strollers and backpack carriers as they do not support the neck and back
  • Adequate support should be given to the head and neck when the child is seated
  • Healthy eating habits should start at an early age to avoid weight gain
  • Encourage and make the child participate in activities like swimming or bicycling
  • Never opt for sports like contact sports and gymnastics
  • Always encourage the child to maintain proper posture
  • Provide a footstool and a pillow for the lower back whenever your child sits

Coping and support

If your child suffers from achondroplasia, you can take steps to help him cope with the day to day challenges. The following things should be done to help him function without depending on any body

  • Take help from support groups as people with achondroplasia stay active through their life by getting involved in such organizations
  • Change your home by putting extensions on light switches and by keeping levers instead of door knobs
  • Talk to school personnel regarding the needs of the child in his or her school
  • Encourage your child to vent his feelings by expressing his feelings to teasing and insensitive questions
  • Therefore, if the above things are followed in our day to day life then people suffering from achondroplasia will live happily.

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