Working Moms – Finding the Balance in life

Working mothers face several dilemmas. They can be criticized as a bad mom by spending time away from home working. At work they are accused of compromising their job by time spent with the family. A working mother can feel her career prospects and self-respect are challenged. When working is necessary for financial reasons, stress can grow because there is no alternative. But there can be balance between the two.

Working mothers have all the right to be happy. They do need to find balance between their work and family life. Their first priority is being a parent. But this does not mean they should neglect working hours either. For mothers who have a younger child, daycare is often needed. This will ensure their children are safe and healthy. Choosing a good day care center is essential. It should not only serve the purpose but also fit within a budget and other necessary requirements, such as convenient to work.

The first few days at a new daycare require more attention from the parent until both the parent and child are comfortable with the change. If the child is older, after school activities or staying at home or with a friend may be the working motherai??i??s solution. Although this should be well planned to ensure the child is not left unattended for too long.

Even the most responsible child can find trouble when left alone. In addition to the trip home from school with or without an adult, the older child can get hurt at home or break a house rule (such as no junk food) when not under observation by a parent. Involving a trusted neighbor or relative can ease a parentai??i??s mind but can become a burden to that person over a long period of time. Many schools and daycare facilities offer after school programs for older children. Taking advantage of these allows the child to spend time with his or her friends within a secure environment.

Working moms must also ensure they have enough quality time to spend with their children. They can be exhausted after work. Involving your children in household activities not only helps the working parent take care of home, but can be a pleasant time spent together. Talking during a sit-down dinner is also effective, allowing each person to speak about their day. The working parent should not complain (too much) about work to their child. Instead, get involved in the childai??i??s activities like playing a video game together or exercising. This type of activity can develop a strong relationship between parent and child.

Lastly, the working mother should take time out for herself. With all the demands to her busy schedule, it may sound absurd to schedule alone time, but it is needed. A working mother can gain energy from a small nap, a relaxing massage, watching a television show she wants to watch, exercising or taking a quiet walk. She must consider her own needs and desires not just those of work and family.

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  1. Great post and much needed, I think, in the world we live in today. There is always that inner struggle, and I think you bring up a wonderful point about the importance of taking time for yourself. Really, if you don’t care for yourself properly, how can you care for anyone else? I’ve been reading a great book lately called “Your Work, Your Life…Your Way – 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance” by Julie Cohen and it provides real life advice and action tips on everything from prioritizing/organizing to being able to just say ‘no’ and set proper boundaries. I think it’s one of those invaluable, relevant books one comes across every once in awhile. Here’s the link – http://www.7keystoworklifebalance.com/book/ I highly recommend it to all who struggle with the whole work/life/job/kids/self/balance issue, which I think is most of us! =)

    Thanks again for your thoughts here. I can tell they come from the heart of experience!

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