Top 4 Tips to Help Working Mothers Stay in Shape

A day is only 24 hours long, but a mother often feels like she is expected to work more hours than are available in a day. Her schedule is so filled with the needs of others she may feel she does do not have sufficient time for herself. Even the busiest motherai??i??s schedule can include time for basic exercising which reduces her stress level and makes her feel good about herself.

Here is a list of four simple tips to help the busy working mother relax, and keep physically fit:

  • Find a friend who can be your walking partner, or attend yoga, aerobics or dance classes or train for a 5k run with you. Friends motivate and keep each other company. Exercising together can also strengthen your friendship. If possible, invite other moms to join you.
  • Music is great for both relaxation and elevating your energy level while exercising. Music can motivate you to stay or get in shape because it goes wherever you go. With an iPod or any MP3 player, you can take music that inspires you to move to the gym, the park, while walking around the track or your neighborhood. Music breaks up your routine, raises your energy level while exercising and relieves boredom during a long workout.
  • Always choose a type of activity you love. Do not exercise just because you need to. Instead, pick a class such as aerobics or swimming that interests you. If it is not appealing, you will be bored and dread exercising.
  • Start slow. Give your body time to adjust, especially if you recently had a baby or have not exercised for a long time. If your first workout is too intense, you may lose interest entirely. Soreness and stiffness are normal during the first few days of a new exercise routine, but taking on too much may incapacitate you. Muscle pain from working out diminishes as your strength grows, but do not let it stop you from exercising.

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