Worms – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies

Infection of worms in our body should be treated immediately. Any unexplained symptoms arising in your body like abdominal pain, defective and smelly bowel movement, bad mouth odor, anemia or weight-loss; must be treated immediately. Such signs should not be neglected. You never know you might be providing a safe shelter to your biggest enemy.

This parasite not only shares your food but also sucks on your life leading you to death if left untreated. Can you imagine these small worms causing digestive problems inside us leading to diarrhoea, constipation or bloating. These can even cause asthma, skin rashes, fatigue, lowered immune response and nervousness.

Parasitic worms can enter the human body by mouth (food and water), nose, skin and other body openings. Consuming contaminated food and water, poor hygiene, improper sanitation, direct contact with infected agents are a few common mode of infection. But how do we treat these ?

The first step is to seek clinical help. Getting your worm and condition identified is most important to start with a treatment. Most commonly the microscopic study of stool sample can help in diagnosing the worm and infection. Most worms can be treated using antibiotics, medications and colon cleansers. But you can also depend on herbal remedies or home treatments to cure the worm and the infection naturally from your body.

Clinical Treatment of Worms

Your physician will prescribe some antibiotics or anti-parasitic medicines for you. Prescribed medications cannot treat the conditions totally.

Home Remedies for Worms

Most home treatments of worm have been proved effective. Home remedies for worm is popular because of its natural healing. Since the worm causes sever damage to the internal body, home treatments suits the best to our body requirement. We have included a few of the home remedies to treat worms in our body.

  • Garlic – Using garlic as a home remedy for worm infection is one of the oldest home treatment method. If ingesting garlic is not suiting you, then you can place couple of cloves of garlic in your shoes. Your feet will crush it and the garlic will be absorbed through your blood stream. Garlic capsules may also help.
  • Fruits – Eating fruits and green vegetables is a good way of detoxifying your body. And this is considered as the most easy method of killing parasitic worms.
  • Water – Drink water in plenty amount. Water also has tendency of detoxification. Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water a day will help a lot.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt is rich in live cultures. This will help you in restoring your digestive health.
  • Carrot – Carrot juice contains digestive enzymes naturally. These enzymes can help you eliminate worms from your body. Consume at least 1-3 glasses of juice from carrot everyday.
  • Diet Therapy – The first step in treating intestinal worms is through a diet change. A patient should consume only fresh fruit juice and vegetable soups for the first few days. Then the patient may add wholemeal bread, vegetables, milk for a few more days. Strictly avoid all fatty foods like oil, butter and cream. Meat (including red meats) must not be taken until the infection is completely cleared. Rely more on fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, beans and spinach.

Prevention of Worms

A health immune system in a body along with hygienic habits and sanitized surroundings are needed for prevention of worm infections.
Proper washing and cleaning of fruits and vegetables before consuming raw is always necessary. Other basic prevention tips include –

  • Throw away prices with nicks.
  • Clean your hands and legs each time you go out.
  • Avoid eating foods from street-vendors.
  • Do not share your private and used belongings with other and vice versa.
  • Cool all meats properly before consuming.
  • Eating raw and undercooked meat, including fish, can be harmful.
  • Drink purified water, avoid consuming water you are unsure of.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after changing diapers, cleaning house, holding uncleaned food stuffs, handling animals.
  • If you have cuts or open sores, avoid going for swimming in pools or ponds. Because it does not contain flowing water.

Considering the above tips of prevention will definitely succeed in taking away worm infections much away from you.

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