Eczema – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies

Eczema gives out a very dreadful look. This make the infected people desperate to find out the way to a good treatment. The first thing you should look for, is the allergen that is causing the disease. Then find out a suitable treatment to it.

Eczema Treatment

  • Keep the skin always moist to prevent it from being scaly and itchy
  • Apply the prescribed lotion on semi-wet skin
  • Do not scratch the dry skin as this leads to severe symptoms
  • Identify the factors responsible for the condition and stay away from them
  • Have a nutritious and healthy diet to enhance immune system

Here are some tips for treating eczema

  1. Eat proper food – Your daily diet should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables. These provide minerals and vitamins to the skin and replenish it. Some types of foods are allergic to the skin and hence watch out keenly the food you take.
  2. Use medicated lotions – Skin is very sensitive and hence you need to be careful on using lotions. Medicated and prescribed lotions are to be used to keep your skin away from drying.
  3. Use proven natural remedies – Natural remedies are free from chemicals and drugs that harm the skin. Hence they are to be used.
  4. Keep your skin cool always – To reduce the irritating and itching effect, take showers several times a day and keep your skin cool.
    • Prevention of Eczema
      The following steps of prevention can help to reduce the severity of eczema.

      • Wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands
      • Limit your contact with things that irritate your skin
      • Wear soft and cotton clothes
      • Avoid sweating and over-heating
      • Apply a cold compress to reduce the itching
      • Reduce stress
      • Follow a prescribed treatment regimen
      • Continue with the skin care even after your skin is healed
      • Use a medicated moisturizer on your skin everyday
      • Care for your skin after your bath

      Home Remedies for eczema
      Eczema can be cured naturally also. Here are some home remedies enlisted that are helpful in curing eczema:

      • Apply a mud pack to the affected area
      • Apply cold compress using water two times a day
      • Mix a teaspoon of camphor with a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Make a paste and apply to the affected area
      • Make a paste of turmeric powder and bitter neem leaves and apply to the infected area
      • Mash almond leaves using water. Apply this mashed paste onto the eczema affected region
      • Boil 200 grams of mustard oil in an iron vessel. Add 50 grams of neem leaves and boil till the leaves turn black. Allow the oil to cool and apply 4 times a day
      • Apply spearmint leaf juice to the affected area
      • Mash papaya seeds and apply this paste on the eczema affected area. This reduces itching and help a person suffering from eczema

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