Working Mothers’ Work And Family – How to be a Successful Working Mom

The majority of American women return to work within 4 months of having a new baby. This holds true for many countries. Some return to a career they love, others out of financial necessity. Being a working mother is a tough job, balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Here are a couple of tips when planning your new schedule as a working mother to help deal with stressful situations.

Be practical when setting a schedule. Design one that is manageable for you with the changes in your family and your job. Make sure it is a complete plan, including time for relaxation and stress relief during the week. And remember plans can be adjusted. But without a plan, the demands of one part of your life may outweigh the other parts of your life.

If faith is important to you, include time for devotion, meditation or attending worship. The practices of worship can be a calming, stabilizing influence during more chaotic moments. Do not forget close friends and relatives. Despite your busy schedule, plan enough time with the people you like to be around. This will help you feel relaxed and lower your stress levels. You can even consult other working mothers amongst your friends and family and learn how they balance their demands.

Combining work and raising children is a tough job. Financial needs and a passion for your career may demand pursuit of a job in addition to motherhood. It is your right as a mother to have children and also pursue your career. But your time management skills will be challenged. Allowing small compromises at some point is acceptable when planning work and play with your family responsibilities.

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