Working Mothers Need a Time-Out

A mother is always working and still the job of being a mother is never done–this is the true definition of motherhood. A mother works all day for her family. She puts tireless efforts into whatever she does, beginning the very day she became a mother or gave birth to a baby. She ensures her family is well taken care of.

Where does the term working mother come from? It means a woman and a mother who works outside the home (even if from home) to earn a living for her family. It does not mean she is unconcerned about her family and children, is trying to escape responsibilities, does not care about her children or is just highly ambitious and career-oriented. Although some people may see her work in this way, she is trying to support her family.

Much of a working motherai??i??s life is spent balancing her family and work while trying not to compromise either. Within this chaos of responsibilities, duties, concerns and emergencies, a working mother can sometimes lose herself. She often sacrifices her own time to give to her family or her job. If you are a working mother reading this article, ask yourself:

  • ai???How often do I take time for myself?ai???
  • ai???When was the last time I did something I really enjoy doing for me?ai???

Many women hesitate or have no response to those self questions. Imagine how often we are wrapped up in the activities of others. Our jobs, our children, friends, spouse, family, relationships are all important and working mothers have to maintain these relationships just like everyone else. But do not forget about yourself. This does not mean a working mother should become completely selfish and shy away from all duties, but should include taking care of herself in the balancing act of her life.

It is necessary to stay healthy, to remain in touch with who she is as a woman, a mother, a spouse, a daughter and an employee. Always putting others before you is not a crime but losing yourself by doing so can lead to health risks later in life.

With so many things occupying our attention and our time as a working mother we hardly stop to think about ourselves. Donai??i??t forget that working mothers need a different kind of time out every now and then.

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