Sure Shot ways to Wake Up Early

You make up your mind to get up early in the morning – but alas, you get up after everyone has risen. The sun is up and you are fuming that you were not able to make it. Willpower does help to get up early. But, sometimes, you need some tricks to wake up before the dawn. Here are some simple ways which actually work.

Wake up at the Same time every day (regardless of when you sleep):
Most people try to sleep and wake up at fixed timings in order to get up early. Fixing both your sleep time and wake up time may be be counter productive, as you may be on your bed even when you are not sleepy. The struggle to sleep early (even when your are not able to) can frustrate you. The solution: sleep only when you feel sleepy. But, wake up early.

This is how this trick works: Suppose one day you sleep late and still manage to wake up early. The next day – you tend to fall asleep early. Over time, you will form a pattern where you will be sleeping around the same time and waking up early. So the plan is: sleep when you feel sleepy, but make it a point to get up early.

Get up Right Away:
As soon as your alarm clock goes off, do not try to figure out why you should be up. This will make you doze off. Jump out of your bed as soon as the alarm rings. Brush your teeth and hit the shower. Getting out of the warm cozy bed quickly makes things a lot easier. And by the time you brush and finish showering, you will no longer be sleepy.

Have a strong reason to Wake up:
Do you have no reason to wake up? Then you might eventually decide it’s not worth it. Have some strong reason to get up. Reasons such as waking up to read your favorite novel, to watch the sunset, to jog would help you to get up early.

Place your Alarm Clock across the room:
The snooze button often makes our attempts to wake up early futile as we tend to press it and doze off. Put your alarm out of reach. This will make you to get up out of bed and get active.

Music and Caffeine:
After getting up in the morning, listening to some fast paced (or loud) music can get you going. Make sure you use your earphones as you can disturb others in the process. Going for a cup of hot coffee also helps a lot. In addition to these, you can also think of some things which can keep you from going back to sleep.

Waking up early can give you the much needed time for yourself. It can help you to pursue things such as exercising, jogging or reading. Whatever, the reason may be, use these tricks and get up early, fresh and rejuvenated.

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