Financial Aid For Working Mothers

Mothers leaving the home and having a career is very common today. But what about single mothers? A single parent is often the sole source of income and support for their family. They are entirely responsible for their children’s welfare. But a single mom often earns less than is needed for their family. Despite their hard work, financial stresses never fade. This is the main reason why there is heavy competition for financial aid.

Financial Aid for Working Mothers
A lower income may allow you to qualify for financial assistance programs or government benefits. You will have to apply and be approved if determined eligible. After approval, childcare, education assistance, health insurance, food, housing and utility discounts may be open to financial assistance.

With financial aid, working mothers who have a low income can go back to school. Once complete with their higher education, they can compete for higher salaried jobs. Many single mothers quit college because it is very expensive, but grants or scholarships make it affordable again. A scholarship program can cover schooling expenses while other programs assist with childcare and general family expenses. Some grants even cover a few personal expenses.

One way to apply for an education grant is through FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid), which can be completed online. You fill out an application form and see what federal loans and grants are available to you. The college of your choice will also have the form–ask before enrolling.

Some local agencies are also available to provide you with much needed funds or assistance. Certain professions including law enforcement, nursing and teaching always need more career professionals, with many financial aid programs designed to help with formal education.

How to look for financial aid?
In addition to your local college and online sources, friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors can be a good source for you to ask about local agencies offering financial help. Prepare a list and visit each in person or online. They can provide details about eligibility and their application process for financial aid. Remember, many organizations have a limited budget and operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Do not miss their application deadline or procrastinate when submitting an application.

First, determine if a source of financial aid suits you. For example, if you intend to pursue a teaching degree, applying for a nursing scholarship may be a waste of time. The internet is often the best information source when searching for financial aid. Just be aware, there are fraudulent sites seeking your personal information or money. They may ask you for fees to access scholarship and grant information that should be free to obtain, may give you wrong information in an attempt to steal your identity, or may offer you a student loan at an unreasonable interest rate, adding to your long term financial stress.

A single mother has many opportunities for financial aid. These include scholarships, grants, loans or welfare programs. Choose the ones that suit you best.

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