Top 5 Tips to Help You Gel Well With Your Teenager

So your son/daughter just turned thirteen and all of a sudden you realize that your teen’s behavior, attitude, friends etc have changed. Well, hormonal activity does bring out a lot of changes in a teen’s body. The mentality and perception of a teen also changes. As a parent, you might find it hard to deal with your teen. Rebellious nature, the need to be independent, reduced conversation and a whole new peer group are some of the things that you might have to deal with.

Teenage does not have only the negative aspects attached to it. Remember that you too have crossed this phase in your life. If you are a single parent, there are chances that this sudden change in your teen’s attitude may drive you up the wall. Being patient, supportive and understanding is the key to understand your teen better. It would also make it easier for your teen to open up and share any of his/her thoughts or personal problems.

Why do teens act rebellious? What can you do to build a good rapport with your teen? Do you think you are the only one facing this problem? Have you asked yourself these questions? There is a very good chance that you have. Well, we present the top 5 tips that might be helpful in answering these questions and help you and your teen cross this phase of life.

Listen ai??i?? Yes, you read it right. Teens expect their parents to listen to them. Teenage is equally tough on teens too. They have a lot of things to share ai??i?? emotions, heart-breaks, frustration, anger etc. All that teens need is a patient ear. Mostly, friends fit into this role. But you can be a friend to your teen too. Don’t be judgemental and give your opinions for whatever your teen shares with you. Just listen and let your teen know that you are there for him/her.

Communicate ai??i?? Communication is the key for any relationship to succeed. If your teen upsets you or angers you for any reason, don’t lose your temper or shout. Try and communicate whatever you feel in a gentle manner. Being upset and not talking to your teen won’t serve any purpose. Talk to your teen and be frank and open. If there’s something you dislike or are sceptical about, all you need to do is talk and talk right. This would help your teen open-up and strengthens the parent-teen bond.

Be Supportive ai??i?? Being supportive is very important if you want your teen to trust you with his/her problems. Teens tend to think twice before sharing anything with their parents for fear of disapproval. Eliminate this doubt from your teen’s mind by being supportive and not criticizing. Never be judgemental. That’s the last thing your teen would expect from you. Even if your teen messes up, let him/her know that yo will be there no matter what.

Spend time ai??i?? No matter how tight your schedule is, make sure that you take time out for your teen. Being away from home for long or not being home at all might make the teen feel lonely and neglected. It is during this time that your teen is more likely to go astray and experiment with alcohol and drugs. You might never want to encounter such a situation. Simple solution ai??i?? spend more quality time with your teen and set your priorities right.

Trust ai??i?? Trust your teen. This is probably the most important but frequently ignored factor. It might be tough to trust your teen and there might be situations where your teen might let you down. Don’t let ugly situations break your trust. It’s human to err and your teen is no exception. Ensure that you educate your teen about the pros and cons of life and let them chart their own course. Your teen might need your help and guidance mid-way. Let your teen know that you are always there.

The above mentioned tips might help you understand your teen better and help you gel well.

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