Amazing Company Logos and Their Meaning

Some company logos do catch our attention. But, have you ever given a thought on the what these logos stand for? These creative designs are not just aesthetically appealing but also have a deeper meaning hidden in them. Let’s try to unravel the mystery behind some of the company logos.

Amazon.com- Online retail company
The arrow from a to z signifies that they have everything from a to z. And you thought it was just a curve, right? It also looks like a smile, saying that they try to make their customers smile. Isn’t that sweet?

ibmIBM- Computer, Technology and IT consulting corporation
This creative ai???eye bee Mai??? logo was designed by Paul Rand in 1981. That was an innovative and a casual style of putting things.

cluenaticCluenatic- A mind-sport
The logo of a puzzle game known as cluenatic is equally puzzling. Since one has to unravel four clues in the game, the logo has C,L,U and E as a maze. If you see from a distance the logo looks like a key. Amazing!!!

eightEight 20- Consulting company
Every letter in the logo is a variation of number 8. What a genius!!!

fedexFedEx-Logistics services company
Have you ever noticed the arrow between E and X? The arrow symbolizes direction, promptness and focus.

yoga-austrailiaYoga Australia
What do you see? A girl performing yoga? We thought so too. Look closely and you can see the map of Australia.

marriageMarriage- Magazine from Reader’s Digest
Simple yet so profound! Two mirrored Rs signify union, communication and closeness between the partners.

bmwBMW: Automobiles
That’s the white plane propeller against the blue sky. BMW were originally makers of the military aircrafts engines in the World War. The logo stayed on!!!

baskinBaskin Robbins: Ice creams
Can you find 31 in the logo? That’s 31 flavors of ice cream for you. Yummy we would say!!!

forkwireForkwire: Online Food Delivery Service
The logo has a fork as an ai???@ai??? symbol. Food and Internet together. Basic, isn’t it?

bigtenBig Ten: Collegiate Conference
The conference has eleven schools participating, however, they wanted to retain the name. The logo has the number 11 hidden in between, find it!!!

ElettroDomesticiElettro Domestici: Home Appliances
The negative space in the logo brings out ai???Eai??? and ai???Dai???. The logo itself is in the form of an electric plug. Electrifying!!!

sunmicrosystemsSUN Microsystems: Computer Systems
A perfect example of symmetry. The logo has only the alphabets ai???uai??? and ai???nai???, however, they are placed in such a way that they form an ai???sai???. Anyway you look at it, you will find ai???sunai???.

toyotaToyota: Automobiles
The two ellipses depict the heart of the customer and the heart of the product. The outer ellipse is the ever-expanding technology which knows no bounds. And you thought it was just a ai???Tai???!!!

Lafayette logoLafeyette: A Department Store in Paris
The logo depicts the true spirit of Paris. Can you locate a small Eiffel Tower formed by the two ai???tsai???? Creativity at its best!!!

google logosGoogle: Internet search technology
With 770 innovative logos, Google takes the cake in creating amazing logos. It keeps changing the logos according to the festivals, holidays, birthdays of famous people etc.

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