Working Mothers ai??i?? Top 5 Habits Working Mothers Have To Follow

Consider that you have a remote to your life in your hands. Press the rewind button to view those days when you were at college or during your early years of your career? Do you recall how overwhelming it was? Now press the fast forward button on your remote through your maternity time and try comparing both stages of time now. Do you realize which is more overwhelming:Ai?? the days at the beginning of your career or the life you are into today. All working mothers would definitely agree with me that balancing motherhood and career is the most overwhelming thing in oneai??i??s life. This is true to a very significant extent. A working mother will have to face major challenges and several stressful situations in her life.

  1. Habit 1 – Learn time management and practise to get an expertise.Our day would never stretch beyond 24 hours. But our needs and activities demand it to be 48 hours or even more. And trust me, to most mothers even 48 hours would not be enough to manage. So the only relief is an effective time management. Praying God to stretch the day for you will not help you. This has to be set as a major goal in your life. Prepare a day log and note down all your daily responsibilities. Analyse how much time you spend for each of them and make a note of it. Then add manageable time frames to each of your activities. Do not cut much time from all activities. Give adequate time to all. Start working according to it from the very next day. You might feel a bit stressed at the beginning but you get used to it soon.
  2. Habit 2 – Manage routine and setting it.Having a routine for your daily life is very vital. However, most of us do not like to be under any strict work routine. To become an efficient working mother, having a routine is a must. Remember your school days when you used to have everything mentioned on a sheet of paper including what time to wake up, when to get ready for school, when to have breakfast, when to leave for school and more? Just as you then had a systematic division of time, you should now plan for your daily routine.
  3. Habit 3 – Focus !Avoid all distractions present in your life. Keep all unimportant things that can be neglected under a category as ai???othersai???. Dedicate a small amount of time to them every day and donai??i??t become distracted with these activities.
  4. Habit 4 – Try to develop a productive space for you.Set up your room or space of work in a very productive way. You can even arrange your kitchen and bedroom in a way that accommodates your lifestyle and daily activities.
  5. Habit 5 – Fitness first.Do not forget to allot time for your fitness activities. It is important for you to remain firm and strong in order to take on such a big load as you have on your burdened shoulders. A brisk walk, a few minutes of aerobics, or riding bicycle for a few minutes can be an easy and effective way to stay fit. It can actually bump up your metabolism and act like fuel for the rest of your day.

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