Working Mothers ai??i?? Top 10 Steps to Manage your Stress

I know how bored you have become managing your domestic chores. Going to work, raising kids, preparing timely meals, washing clothes, and maintaining household activities all are chores that fall to you. Addressing an endless list of such activities can be really tiring for the average woman. It is not less than setting up a mathematical rule and neither as complex as any mathematics problem. This is why we wanted to present you with some real tips to staying stress-free while performing your endless list of requirements. Looking into the problem on a serious note, letai??i??s try out with a few of the steps mentioned below. It may make your day a little bit better and maybe you can find some more quality time for you and your family.

    • Keep a log.

Keeping a log might sound funny and childish. Remember those days when we were children and used to keep our log for each day. The log contained anything from deciding on our time to wake up to when we were to leave for school. I remember how I used to follow my day log. I had included my study hours, my play times, my dinner time, and even hours to sleep in details. It of course would take some time but it is definitely going to be an extremely healthy exercise. You will be then be able to find out your time wasters and may be able to modify your day plan accordingly. To start with, record all your activities and divide it into half-an-hour periods. It is important that you do not cheat as you have to be honest with yourself.

    • Set priorities.

With your routine on pen and paper, you will be able to look into how much time each of your individual activity consumes from a day. Set priorities for all of these things. Look for those things that are extremely important and look for those which you can ignore over your day. I know there will be tough choices, but trust me, you will end up having a lot of good things in your life. You will have enough time to really enjoy your life and give enough time for yourself and your family. This is because most of us keep doing things we do not really need to do. Oftentimes we never realize this. Therefore, setting up priorities will help in deleting all the unwanted factors from our life.

    • Delegate.

Transfer of jobs is a good practice although not in favor of everyone. In a few cases, you may be able to pass a few of your duties on to others. For instance, if your child is old enough to eat with his own hands, then teach him doing that in spite of going and feeding him by your hands. If your kid is capable of putting on his clothes, then let him do that himself. Such activities will make you lose a little of your work time and you may devote that time to your family and friends.

    • Lower your standards.

If you always feel that you need to do everything yourself, it may be time to lower your standards. Try to resist the urge to do everything yourself. Your standards may be too high for yourself so compromising on a few points will not matter that much in the long run. I know it is extremely important to keep your house clean and your backyard free of dry leaves. Lowering the frequency of these activities will not make much difference. In fact, you can use that time visiting your local pizza center or McDonaldai??i??s with your family. Just imagine how cherished they will feel! Would this not be better than sitting at home cleaning floors or working out in the yard?

    • Donai??i??t over-program your kids.

Teach your kids also the art of prioritizing their work. Donai??i??t allow them to sign up from for every program that is available at school and church. This will make your kids more organized and disciplined.

    • Schedule for fun.

Schedule your days off for fun with your family. Organize trips during your leisure hours and plan a date with your spouse or person with whom you would love to go out with. Try not to allow other things to impinge upon your fun moments.

    • Take care of your body.

Health must be awarded with a high priority. Never cut from your hours of sleep unless it is an absolute emergency. Sleep and exercise must be regularized into your routine. Taking care of your body is of utmost importance.

    • Share the load.

If you baby is small you may find it necessary to seek help from baby-sitters or nannies. Even daycare centers or preschools may be consulted. Seeking an affordable way of parental cooperation is good for every mother who is working outside the home.

    • Learn to say ai???no.ai???

Most women compromise with circumstances and agree to every requests irrespective of several other commitments. You really do not have to agree to all requests. Avoid requests that are becoming a burden on you. Even your close friends and relatives should not bother your daily life in any way.

    • Relax and Stay Happy.

Stress breeds subsequent health and mental problems. Relaxation and maintaining a happy persona is important for the working mother. Therefore, you should perform your job accordingly.

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