Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

How hard is it to perform an abdominal pain diagnosis? The answer definitely not easy since your abdomen consists of so many organs and structures. There are several deliberations should be taken before your doctor make the decision.

The purpose of performing abdominal pain diagnosis is to find the cause of your pain. Your doctor along with clinicians should take some considerations to make up their mind in order to make the cause become obvious.

Nonetheless, admission to hospital or a surgery would be the last decision to make by your doctor.

There are several examinations and tests which you might take if you have abdominal pain. They are:

  • A blood test

    A blood test is performed to check for bleeding or infection. Blood test also used to look at enzymes in the heart, liver and pancreas to examine whether these organs are involved.
  • An ECG
    ECG is also known as an electrical tracing of the heart. An ECG test is conducted to rule out a heart attack.
  • A rectal test
    It is performed to check for hidden blood.
  • A urine test
    It is carried out to check for blood or urine infection.
  • An x-ray, CAT Scan, or ultrasound
  • A penis and scrotum examination
    It is performed if you are a male.
  • A pelvic or vaginal examination
    These examinations are conducted if you are a female. The purpose are to find possible problems in your uterus (womb), ovaries and ovarian tubes.
  • A pregnancy test may also be needed

The abdominal patients may have questions regarding to:

  • Alcohol use
  • Drug consumption
  • Sexual activity

It would be better for your own sake to give honest and truthful answers to your doctor. Your answers would ensure the most correct and suitable treatment for your abdominal pain.

Based on your tests results, your doctor has an obligation to explain about the results to you. Since some results might take several days, make sure that your doctor follows these up.

You could also be referred to another doctor or a specialist to find out the cause and nature of your problem.

In the upcoming article, we will write about abdominal pain treatment and other related subjects.

You should consult with your doctor, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to get a better knowledge and information about Abdominal Pain (stomach pain) Diagnosis.

Kindly bear in mind, this article is not solely intended as the only source of information about Abdominal Pain.

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