Scope Of Biotechnology In India

Biotechnology In India has grown by manifolds. India has proved itself as an ideal setting to manufacture and allow high-level research programmes in biotechnology. Several initiatives has been taken up by the Government of India. In the year 1986, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) was set up under the Ministry of Science and Technology. This set up was a true boost to the developmental phase of biotechnology in India. Since then many Centres of Excellence were set up by the DBT in India to generate skilled manpower and to support the R&D sector of several private companies.

Several biosafety guidelines have been laid by the Government of India to help with the patent rules, participate in the international collaborations. A decent regulatory framework has been set for approval of GM crops and all r-DNA products. All ethical guidelines are also considered with all types of biotechnological research including the stem cell research. But have you ever given a thought as to what has made India so popular and eligible to be established as an ideal Biotechnological Center ? There are various reasons like-

  • Skilled manpower
  • Trained knowledge base
  • Well-established network of research laboratories
  • Richness in Biodiversity (example availability of a variety of gene pools allowing better genomic study)
  • Well developed base industries (including seeds or pharmaceuticals industry)
  • Easy access to intellectual resources of Non-Resident Indians
  • Extensive clinical trials and research
  • Access to diverse diseases
  • Agriculture being the prime occupation in India, a steady growth may be observed with the Agribiotech sector

Consumption of Biotechnological Products In India –

Biotech Products Actual Consumption in 1999 Estimated Consumption for 2005 Future Consumption estimated for the year 2010
Human & Animal Healthcare Products 32240 (37.5)* 35320 (37.6)* 93540 (40.0)*
Agricultural Products 25670 (29.8)* 28880 (30.7)* 78720 (33.7)*
Industrial Products 27090 (31.5)* 28500 (30.3)* 53590 (22.9)*
Other Biotechnology products 1040 (1.2)* 1300 (1.4)* 7940 (3.4)*
Total 86040 (100)* 94000 (100)* 233790 (100)*
In Million US Dollars 1789 2186 4270

(* contributions in percentage (%) of the total)

At fresh, there can be investments of Rs. 7-8 billion over the next five years in India in biotechnology. This investment is expected to result in a turnover of Rs. 9-10 billion over the next 5-7 years. The expected growth of Biotechnology in India can be followed in the following industries –

Industry Type Expected Growth in %
Agribiotech 60
Diagnostic And therapeutics 25
Vaccines 15

Thrust Areas For Biotechnology In India –

Area Of Investment Estimated Investment (in millions)
Vaccines 300-400 *
Diagnostics 500 *
Bioactive Therapeutic Proteins 1000 *
Seeds (GM and hybrids) 1500 *
Biopesticides 800 *
Biofertilizers 200 *
Amino Acid Production 700 *
Production of speciality biochemicals and peels 1000 *

(* denotes the estimated investment over next 5 years)

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