Recall Momisms

ai???Because Iai??i??m your mother, thatai??i??s why.ai???
ai???This is why we never had nice things.ai???
ai???Be careful or you may be in real trouble.ai???

These lines are a few examples from the list of the most popular momisms. Every mom uses a special tone to scold her recalcitrant kid or teach them a lesson. Most moms even haveAi?? favorite quotes. We, as children, always used to hate those but gradually they tend to disappear as we grow. Nevertheless, I really miss them! Yes, I really do! These momisms are the ones which make our childhood so special. Although they sound so harsh and rude, they areAi?? sweet to obey. You may realize as time goes by how these lines have been a part of your life. These lines have a strong effect in building your personality and molding you into a better person. Have you ever used any of those momisms with your younger ones ? You must have at some point. We start using them following a realization of how important those lines are. While you despise these during your early years, you will ironically find yourself using these momisms with your own kids.

Here is a list of the most commonly used momisms:

  • Do not spend that much – money does not grow on trees.
  • Do not show me that face again.
  • Donai??i??t make that face again or it will stick in that position.
  • If I would have talked to my mother like you are talking to me ai??i??
  • Be careful with that knife or it will take your fingers out.
  • Donai??i??t be in a hurry – itai??i??s just a bus not a train to catch.
  • What if everyone else jumped off the wall ? Would you do it too?
  • Your ears have enough dirt to grow potatoes.
  • Your hairs can be my new kitchen garden. Wash it properly.
  • Close that door! You were not raised in a barn.
  • If you canai??i??t talk properly, do not talk.
  • It does not matter if you win or lose. Iai??i??ll always be proud of you.
  • I hope when you grow up, you have kids just like I have now.
  • I am your mother. You better listen to me.
  • Is this the way to talk to your mom?
  • Donai??i??t behave like your careless father.
  • You are my son, you have to be the best.
  • Do not put that into your mouth. You never know where it had been!
  • Finish all of your dinner. There are children starving who do not get to eat even broccoli.
  • If you fall and break your legs, do not come running to me.
  • Do not make faces, the worst is yet to come.
  • You have to do it.
  • Yes, because I said so.
  • Just wait until your fathers gets back home.
  • I will let your father know about this.
  • Let me talk to your dad about your behavior.
  • Yes, I am the boss.
  • No ice cream until you clean your plate.
  • Donai??i??t open that freezer so often, you will be left with only sweetened milk in place of those ice creams.
  • No dessert tonight. Your teeth have gone.
  • I have got eyes at my back too.
  • Get that thing out of your nose.
  • Take out that from your nose.
  • You wonai??i??t understand until you have kids of your own.
  • Iai??i??ll talk to your teacher about it.
  • Let me talk to your teacher.
  • Do you behave this way with your teacher?
  • This is the reward I get for working for hours.
  • Bored? Really! I never got bored at this age.
  • When I was at your age I used to ai??i??

These momisms mentioned above transcends across all borders of time, space, language. They are specific to all cultures, traditions, classes, and ethnicities. This is because kids will be kids everywhere. So, moms will always be moms everywhere. Moms will always be full of love. Moms will be caring and highly concerned. Moms will be severely protective. Moms are always highly knowledgeable about everything in this world.

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