Liar Liar: Top 5 ways to know if Someone is Lying

When was the last time you spoke the truth the whole day. Tough to figure out? True, we tend to lie a lot even if we do not realize it. Many of our lies are safe little ones, which give us easy escape out of tough situations. Well, some of them might be bigger ones or total denials. The fact is there are lies everywhere and finding them out would be an exciting job.

What will you gain by spotting a lie? It will make things a bit exciting. You will be playing the role of a detective. Sometimes, this can help you to get the truth out, especially when it is needed. Whatever the reason, remember that this method is an estimation. This method is not foolproof, but sometimes reliable. Keeping this mind, lets check the top 5 ways to know if someone is lying.

Change the Subject:
Suppose your friend is speaking about a subject and you have serious doubts that he/she is lying – Change the subject. For example, bring up a new topic by saying – ai???what about the movie you saw last weekai???. Now, a true liar will smoothly shift the subject. He would be eager to change the subject. He will have a smile on the face and would lighten up. In contrast, the truthful person will be a bit uncomfortable on changing the subject.

Why so many details?
Lies are made up. So, the person tries to add in unnecessary details. He/she would try to make things colorful and real. To fill in the gap, he tries to give in details which actually are not needed. So, the next time you see lot of detail and no substance ai??i?? you’ve got the liar.

Ask again:
This is a method investigators use while questioning the subject. Ask the individual to tell the story (or the info provided) again. If it’s a lie, the second version will be a bit different or advanced from the first one. When a liar makes up a story, he/she is most likely to add a detail over here and there. The story actually builds up. So, when you ask for the info again – If your friend comes up with two or three versions, it is more likely to be lie.

Watch for the Pauses:
A liar will pause in between the lines, just to recollect the thoughts or to make up the story. Look for uh, eh, um, and other pauses such as this. The pauses mean that your friend is doing a mental review of what to say and what not to.

Body language:
A liar would be firstly uncomfortable and unpleasant. This will make him/her fidget, touch the face/nose/chest or behind the ear. Rubbing the neck, forehead, biting the lip can all indicate a liar. One last tip ai??i?? if person looks up to the right upper corner of the eye, research indicates that he/she is using the creative side of the brain. This in turn can indicate that the individual is lying.

Now that you know some real easy tips to figure out a liar, gear yourself up to be a small time detective!!

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