Are Working Mothers Better Mothers?

Some working mothers feel guilty about leaving their family to go to work.Ai?? A working mother is always supposed to balance between her home and work life. She can neither be liberal towards her duties to her child nor towards her work. Both of them demands the same dedication and strength.

The first thing you must do is toAi??be comfortableAi??with whatever decision you make. You need to do what is right for yourself and your family; ignore what others may think about your return to work.

Working mothers tend to have more independent children. The children of stay-at-home mothers may be less independent.

The most important role of a working mother is to bind her family together when they are all at home. Sharing household and childcare duties with a partner is imperative in maintaining an acceptable work/life balance.

How does working outside of the home affect the child? Below are some answers:

  • Does working outside of the home interfere with a childai??i??s development?Ai??No, there aren’t any supporting facts stating delays in the development of a child if a mother goes out to work.
  • Is only spending more time with child is beneficial?Ai??It is well known that it is the quality of parenting and the quality time spent together that matters.
  • How can working mothers spend quality time?Ai??Working mothers should think of ways to communicate and relate to their children.
  • Small differencesAi??may be noticed regarding the vocabulary and achievements of her child. But these differences tend to disappear over time.
  • No significant ill effectsAi??may be seen on children if his mother goes out to work.
  • Children who stay with working mothers do as well as those staying with non-working mothers.

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