What Do You Know About The Working Mothers In India?

Women in India are no longer born to stay at home. Times in India have changed and women are no longer treated as a burden. Women and men are marked equally today. Women are competing with their male counterparts at school and at work. Women are excelling in a variety of fields, becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots, teachers, entrepreneurs and many more. A woman’s only fate is no longer to just get married and have children. She can contribute to her family and society.

The ever-increasing demands and the steep rise in the cost of living is forcing most couples to work. Despite the advances, most of the housework and child-rearing still falls on the mother in India, causing pressure and stress. Her role is not an easy one. Ai??It is difficult to juggle between the responsibilities at home and at the office. Ai??Below are some tips on balancing work and home:

  • Stop feeling guilty about being unable to spend enough time with your family. It is the quality time which you spend with each other that counts, not the quantity of time.
  • Do not resort to giving gifts or money as a compensation for your absence.
  • Hire dependable domestic help.
  • Time management is difficult, but vital. Plan something special for your children on your holidays.
  • Do not ignore yourself. Spend some time, be it only a few minutes, on your own.

The major reason why most corporate sectors in India prefer women candidates is because of their dedication and commitment to work Many companies are taking steps to improve the working condition of woman/mothers at their workplace.

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